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The main purpose of Construction Safety Systems is to prevent injuries to individuals with the principle of complete safety and protection, and to ensure the protection of materials used in construction. In this way, the interests of both the employees and the company are taken into account. As Gürbüz Scaffolding and MoldIng Systems, we do not continue our services with our occupational safety policy first and foremost.

Construction Safety Systems are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of TS EN 10219-1 norm. These systems should be determined and installed in accordance with the TS EN 10219-2 norm when installing them on site or in the field of use. If you think you need support in this regard, don’t worry! We continue to produce solutions to your problems with our Supervisory and Projecting services.


Where are Construction Safety Systems Used?

Safety Systems can generally be preferred in the construction of multi-storey, high-rise buildings, bridge and viaduct construction, power plants or all kinds of construction projects. It is preferred to ensure the safety of construction workers and people in the surrounding area and to protect against falls from heights.  Systems up to 6 meters, provide precise protection against falls from heights.

What are Security Systems?

  • Construction Safety Net

The Safety Net Console is a very important safety system in terms of occupational safety, which is designed against worker and material drop. Standard dimensions are produced in 4x6m, 4x5m and 4x4m. There is production within the non-standard dimensions that can be produced in the projects solved by Gürbüz Iskele.

  • Work Safety Supplies

It can be preferred on the flooring edges of constructions, elevator, shaft and lighting gaps, on the edges of stairs. The purpose of the systems is to eliminate situations that cause discontent and cause problems in the flooring. Molds are materials thatcan be used in bulk protection measures that will prevent employees or materials from falling on them.

  • Material Extraction Platform

The material extraction platform creates a temporary console on the façade of the structure at the construction site, allowing materials from the console to be transported by crane to different areas. It saves labor and cost during mold circulation and material transportation.

döşeme kalıp sistemleri

How to Use Security Systems?

First, the locations where to use security systems are determined. After determining the systems suitable for the need, the place is selected for the installation process on the façade. Systems and platforms are installed. It is moved to be used at designated points with the help of a crane. Mounting plates are preferred for fastening operations. All construction safety systems are designed to be closed towards the façade at any time. In cases where it may interfere with the operation of the crane in the construction site, the platform can be closed and then reopened. The systems are; thanks to this feature, it can be closed and protected in verywindy, rainy or snowy weather conditions.


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