Outside Facade Scaffolding

Outside Facade Scaffolding

Outside Facede Scaffolding is the scaffolding system that will be applied to the exterior areas of high-rise buildings and it is the preferred for arrangements and changes. It is a product that is used in order not to risk the safety of life and property of personnel and employees. It allows the work to be concluded in a short time. Due to its easy disassembly and assembly, it can be adapted to new projects quickly. It is especially selected by our customers because of its high security and reasonable price.

Outside Facade Scaffolding arranged according to various platform lengths and is able to easily carry thousands of kilograms of weight. Its parts are frame, horizontal and diagonal braces, sheet metal planks, ladder, guide rails and toe boards.

What are Outside Facade Scaffolding Used for?

Especially in recent years, it has been used in residences, business and shopping centers, industrial buildings, energy facilities, hospitals and other health facilities.

It can be preferred in shipbuilding, heavy industry, elevator shafts and industrial facilities, depending on the need.

Exterior scaffolding attracts great attention with its advantages in projects such as renovation and arrangement.

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What are the Standards for Outside Facade Scaffolding?

Installation of Outside Facade Scaffolding is safe, quick and simple in every respect. Exterior scaffolding is produced in accordance with TS-EN 12811 and TS-EN 12810 standards.

  • Hundreds of meters of height can be easily reached with the exterior scaffolding.
  • As it is fixed, the scaffolding does not collapse and the safety of the employees is ensured.
  • Material quality is very superior.
  • Installation and fixing is done by our company.

What are the Types of Outside Facade Scaffolding?

Types of Exterior Scaffolding vary depending on the way the scaffolds are built and used. It can be used in different work areas and projects in different sizes.

In the selection of scaffolding, physical factors such as wind and soil on which the scaffold will be erect should be taken into account.

Types of Exterior Scaffolding are classified by their connection systems. The scaffolds are selected based on their design depending on the construction site, the load to be carried and the height of the structure. In this sense, there are 3 different types of scaffolding.

These are H Frame Scaffolding, Ring Lock Scaffolding and Modular Scaffolding.

Scaffolding frames are 48.3×3.0mm; Diagonal braces are 42×2.5mm; Horizontal braces 34×2.0mm.

A prop of the scaffold is 48.3×3.0mm; A diagonal brace is 48×2.5mm; A horizontal brace is 48×2.5mm.

The scaffolding is built modularly in desired dimensions in the size range of 1.50m x 1.50m, 2.00m x 2.00m, 2.5m x2.5m or 3.00m x 3.00 m. Vertical frames are 42 x 2.5mm, while horizontal and diagonal braces are 27 x 2.5mm.

Exterior Scaffolding is produced from TS EN 10219-1 certified braces that have been subjected to mechanical tests.

Production is made by gas metal arc welding according to EN ISO 3834-1 welding quality standards.

Working platforms have a carrying capacity of 300kg/m2 and are produced by the Roll-Forming machine. The scaffolding is hot-dip galvanized in accordance with TS EN 12811-2 standards.


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