Facade Scaffolding

Facade Scaffolding Systems are used in exterior installation processes, artistic and historical buildings, and in all facade works. It is among the systems that can be used in industrial facilities, elevator wells and ship manufacturing industry. Especially in recent years business and shopping centers, residences, energy facilities, industrial buildings, hospital health facilities, renovation and so on, preferred façade scaffolding systems and its advantages. Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems continue to serve as the only company with 100% customer satisfaction.

Secure Facade Scaffolding provides maximum security of employees during high-rise buildings, exterior works. Within the settlement zone is the scaffolding system that ensures the safety of the pedestrians. The elements of façade scaffolding are frame, horizontal and diagonal elements, metal plank, cover ladder, side railing and shingles. Façade scaffolding is supported with security systems to each floor putting planks and toeboards which provides a safe working environment. Safe passage safety is ensured between the floors with the help of the ladders. Wall supporters are used for fixing the systems and necessary precautions are taken for the front area.

What Are The Types Of Exterior Scaffolding Systems?

Exterior Scaffolding Systems; Modular Scaffolding, Ringlock Scaffolding and Safety H Type Scaffolding are divided into three parts.

  • H Type Scaffolding
  • Ringlock Scaffolding
  • Modular Scaffolding

Facade scaffolding systems are safe, fast and simple in every aspect. Façade scaffolding systems are manufactured according to TS-EN 12811 and TS-EN 12810 standards.  It is also known in the market with the names of Security scaffolding in the market, scaffolding, scaffolding systems, Steel Scaffolding, Exterior Scaffolding, construction exterior scaffolding.

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Facade Scaffolding Systems standarts goal is that through full safety and secutrity prinicples to avoid the injury of people and ensure the safety of the materials. In this working principle, the interests of both the employees and the company become prominent. We will come across through all the  process of usage of the product that you purchase or rent.

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As a company that is aware of the importance of occupational safety for construction companies and employees today, we have been successfully providing our customers with the highest quality scaffolding formwork systems for many years.

We are able to ensure the safety of your constructions with a hundred percent for both you and your employees with our scaffolding and formwork systems, each of which are designed with great care and manufactured using the best quality materials. Through our façade scaffoldings, one of which is ringlock scaffolding allow you to perform your activities with high security measures in all facade works that you can think of.

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