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Gurbuz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems

As Gurbuz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems, our ultimate goal is to provide safe work, and robust Structures in order prevent injuries of persons with the principle of full safety and full protection, to ensure the protection of the material used and to take care of both the employee and the benefit of the company. Moreover we aim to act with a policy of prevention of personal injury. With 20 years of experience, we are carrying out the production and project design of scaffolding systems which are convenient, durable and easy to install with the capacity to meet all kinds of needs in the construction sector.

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Our best references are our past productions, past experiences and the newest technology adapted in our production process. Maximum Security, Minimum Risk Business after the prevention of accidents and high quality standards of a scaffolding system that legal regulations enforced in order to improve, not just in Turkey  but also worldwide. We are a leader in the industry of scaffolding and formwork systems, with our factory and offices based in Ankara.

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