Safety Systems are the indispensable part of our working policy as well as our formwork and scaffolding systems. These systems that we prepared for you as a result of our work in the field of occupational safety are perfect in every sense of the system. It is necessary to ensure the safety of both buildings and employees during construction activities. As Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems, we have 100% customer satisfaction with our safety policy. We support our systems such as Façade Scaffolding Systems, Slab Formwork Systems and Formwork Systems with Safety Systems. In this way, we offer you a fast and reliable service guarantee.

Safety Systems and Technological Safety Devices ensure that the control of your work area is in your hands. These systems are designed according to the requirements of EN 10219-1 and are completely our own production. When our systems are installed in the construction site or on the construction site to be used, they should be identified and installed in accordance with TS EN 10219-2 standarts. Therefore our project team will be at your service 24/7.

Safety Systems  Advantages

Safety Systems are generally preferred for the construction of high and multi-storey buildings, for the construction workers and for the safety of the people in the environment. There is always the possibility of falling construction materials (brick, tile etc.) with such construction areas. This situation can lead to both material and moral losses not only for employees but also for pedestrians and vehicles in the region. With our safety systems, we eliminate this threat.

We’re providing to you one of the first Safe Security Systems in Turkey. Gürbüz İskele offers advantageous opportunities to its customers without requiring any fee for storage, maintenance, repair and investment operations without the consideration of the duration of the project. With our project teams, we pass the time from assembly to dismantling process together with you. What are Safety Systems? Let’s answer the question together.

Types of Safety Systems

Safety means everything. We all know the necessity of safety systems in terms of occupational safety and continuity. If you have decided to take advantage of our safety systems and advantages, we have reached the most important part for you. The selection of the systems required for you from the Safety Systems Types should be made at the appropriate places.

  • Safety Network
  • Safety Supplies
  • Material Extraction Platform

The locations where the safety systems are to be mounted on the front are predetermined. Systems and platforms are mounted on the ground and placed in the locations determined by mounting plates on the façade with the help of a crane. All of our safety systems are designed to be closed and opened to the front at any time. Platforms can be closed and reopened later on in the construction area, which may hinder the operation of the crane. Thanks to this feature, it can be covered and protected in very rainy, windy or snowy weather conditions.

We provide you the minimum risk and maximum work guarantee with the Construction Safety Net, Work Security Materials and Material Removal Platform as the Glued Scaffolding and Formwork Systems. Contact us now to take advantage of our safety systems at the most affordable prices and high standards.