Tunnel Mould

As GÜRBÜZ SCAFFOLDING AND FORMING SYSTEMS, with our 25 years of experience, we design and manufacture 3 different types of tunnel formwork systems in line with the requirements of the construction sector, which is our common denominator.

  1. GKTS TYPE – Classical Tunnel Formwork System
  2. GRTS TYPE – Rail Classic Tunnel Formwork System
  3. GATS TYPE – Heavy Series Tunnel Formwork System
Tunnel Mould

Tunnel formwork system is one of the most important steel formwork systems used to construct earthquake-resistant buildings by forming a monolithic structure by pouring shear wall and slab concretes together.

Although the initial formwork investment cost is higher than other formwork systems and the need to use tower cranes is seen as a disadvantage in the tunnel formwork system, the most important ADVANTAGES of tunnel formwork use in terms of labour, speed and cost are listed below.

  • After 10 days of formwork initial assembly, construction speed increases with daily concrete pouring,
  • High occupational safety thanks to the scaffolds that are integral components of tunnel formwork and surround all perimeters and cavities,
  • Due to the steel surfaces, a highly precise concrete surface is obtained, eliminating the need for rough and fine plastering,
  • Long service life thanks to high production technology (400-500 castings),
  • With its modular production, it can be adapted to both height and span changes,
  • Thanks to the production of reinforced concrete with MM precision; it enables the pre-preparation of rebar in the field and the pre-production of details such as windows / doors / cabinets etc. used in architectural projects.

One of the most important features of GÜRBÜZ Tunnel Formwork System is that our contraframe and scaffolds are disassembled and telescopic, suitable for every project and easy to store.

In tunnel formwork production, 3 mm tempered surface sheet, 50×60*2 mm Box Profiles, 30x60x30*4 mm UPF, 50x100x50*5 mm UPF, 80×80*8 mm NPL, and other materials and accessories are generally used.

Although the initial investment cost seems to be high, due to the above-mentioned features, the tunnel formwork system is at par with other industrial formwork systems after 50-60 uses. In addition, after the end of its service life, it provides a recycling contribution of around 15% with its scrap value.

Tunnel Mould