Slab Formwork Systems are multi-purpose and are an indispensable component of contemporary constructions with their proven quality and economical use. Used as carrier scaffold under slab and beam.

  • Cup-Lock Scaffolding Systems
  • Table Type Scaffolding
  • Telescope Props
  • Tower Type Scaffolding

Slab Formwork Systems can be used in 3 different ways such as load scaffolding, table type scaffoldig and tower type scaffolding. Table Type Scaffolding Systems, Tower Type Scaffolding Systems and Cup-Lock Scaffolding Systems are preferred as bearing systems.

The Slab formwork system is the most ideal system used under flooring and beam formwork in terms of locking and load transfer capability. Thanks to Formwork Scaffolding application, it provides comfortable usage at great heights and heavy loads. Mushrooms, hollow, beamed and so on. can operate in all types of flooring system. Thanks to the stair tower application in our products, it provides safe and safe working in deep and high working areas.

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