Safe H Type Scaffolding

Safe H Type Scaffolding

Safe H Type scaffolding is TS EN 12810-1 certified; It is produced according to TS EN 12810-2, TS EN 12811-1, TS EN 12811-2, TS EN 12811-3 TS EN 12811-4, EN 74-3 EN 74-1 standards.

Safe H Type scaffolding system; It is a multi-purpose scaffolding that can be used in all kinds of facade works, shipbuilding industry and industrial facilities. It provides high savings from time and labor thanks to its easy and fast assembly- disassembly feature.

Safe H Type Scaffolding Features

H type scaffolding systems create rigidity with the connection system consisting of vertical, horizontal and diagonal elements, they are resistant to buckling and have a safe load carrying capacity.

  • Scaffolding frames are manufactured from pipes with TS EN 10219-1 certificate, which have been subjected to mechanical tests with a section of 48.3×3.0mm, diagonal members with a section of 42×2.5mm, and horizontal members with a section of 34×2.0mm.
  • Our scaffolding is produced with gas metal arc welding robots in accordance with EN ISO 3834-3 welding quality standards.
  • Walking platforms have a carrying capacity of 300kg/m2 and are produced in a Roll-Forming machine.
  • The system is hot-dip galvanized in accordance with TS EN 12811-2 standards.
  • H type scaffolds are systems that can be easily installed and dismantled and can be stored without occupying a lot of space.

Security scaffolds can be used in many different areas. You can check the list below.

  • wall construction
  • Internal or external plastering
  • Facade painting and insulation
  • silo construction
  • facade cladding
  • Shipbuilding and repair
  • Dam, tunnel construction and maintenance/repair operations
Safe H Type Scaffolding
Safe H Type Scaffolding

H Type Security Scaffolding

Safe scaffolding solution suitable for your project is provided by Gürbüz Pier . This type of scaffold can be customized according to the area it is used in and can be made more practical with additional materials. In this way, an H type security scaffold can be used for purposes such as exterior scaffolding , ladder scaffolding or construction scaffolding in various areas.

These scaffolds consist of three basic elements as diagonal (cross) element, frame element and horizontal element. If we take the standard dimensions as a basis, the frame is produced in 48×3 mm, horizontal elements 34×2.5 mm and cross elements 42×2.5 mm. Our productions have TSE quality certificate and consist of standard pipes that have passed mechanical tests.

When the wheel is mounted, it can be used practically in all assembly, installation and restoration projects, both inside and outside of the buildings. H type scaffolds, which are manufactured taking into account mobile scaffolding standards , can be easily installed, dismantled and transported. Likewise, construction can be categorized among scaffolding types .

H type scaffolding prices or facade scaffolding installation , you can contact us via our contact information on our website.