Plywood Dimensions

Plywood Dimensions

Plywood dimensions can be customized according to customers’ demands. It may also vary according to the plywood type. Plywood layer dimensions are also affected by these changes . However, the standard size is 250 cm x 125 cm.

Plywood dimensions can also affect weight. The weight, on the other hand, varies according to the type of tree from which the mold is produced and the technique with which it is produced.

Plywood Dimensions and Prices

First of all, “ What is Plywood ?” Let’s start by answering your question. Plywood is also known as plywood . These two words are synonymous. Another common name is plywood. It is mostly used to describe a preferred forest product in the construction industry. This product is a panel created from layers of wood. It has high water resistance and strength. From this point of view, it is seen that it is quite suitable for the construction industry.

Plywoods have replaced traditional wooden (wooden) molds today. They are examined in two categories, with and without film. The film does not affect the durability, it only affects the concrete surface.

So how much are the plymut prices? Or how much ? Plate prices can be affected by many different parameters. One of them is the current exchange rate. In addition to the product type, the weight, dimensions (thickness and dimensions) and types of the molds also directly affect the price of plywood .

Plywood Dimensions

Plywood Mold Dimensions

One of the most important factors affecting the plywood mold prices is the issue of plate dimensions . This product, which is produced in different sizes and weights in our country, is generally produced in thickness sizes between 6 and 30 mm . You can examine some usage areas of plywood molds from the list below.

  • mold works
  • on the piers
  • In roof coverings
  • in the parquet industry
  • In the production of doors, shelves, wooden tables and chairs
  • In the production of office furniture
  • On the floors of containers and truck trailers
  • on buses
  • In packaging processes
  • In toys and arcades
  • in musical instruments
  • in garden sheds
  • In loom production

As can be seen, the product of pleymut has found a place for itself in many areas of life. Plywood is among the products sold by Gürbüz İskele in Ankara. You can contact us to get information about the prices of different sizes and types of products or to send your purchase requests.

Plywood Thickness Measures

Considering the standard mold size of the market “250 x 125 cm”, you can examine the thickness values of different plwyood varieties from the table below.

Product Type Standard Thickness Values That Can Be Produced
Sveza Plywood 15, 18, 21 mm (millimeter)
Syply Plywood 15, 18, 21mm
Odek Birch Plywood 15, 18, 21mm
Birch Pylwood 15, 18, 21mm
Pine Plywood 15, 18, 21mm
Upg Birch Plywood 15, 18, 21mm
Riga Plywood 15, 18, 21mm
WISA-Form Concrete Plywood 15, 18, 21mm
WISA-Form Birch Plywood 15, 18, 21mm
Romania Aspen Plywood 15, 18mm
India Plywood 15, 18, 21mm
Malaysia Tropical Plywood 15, 18, 21mm
Vietnam Plywood 15, 18, 21mm


So how many times is 1 plywood used? The answer to this question may differ depending on which plywood variety is preferred. For example, products made of birch wood are used in the range of 50-80 molds; Products made in India are used between 3-5 molds.

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