Scaffolding Formwork

Scaffolding formwork is a temporary structure used to support concrete while it is being poured and cured. It is made up of two main components: the scaffolding and the formwork.

Scaffolding formwork category ensure that various structural elements maintain their structure and safety until they reach the desired shape or strength. It is frequently preferred in the construction and mining sectors.

Scaffolding formwork systems are produced by Gürbüz İskele with great care and in accordance with global standards. Our fully secure products comply with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards.

Scaffolding Formwork Systems

Our scaffolding and formwork systems consist of different products to address every need. Wooden beam curtain and column formworks can be given as examples. With these products, which are designed to be carried by crane or by hand, you can provide the job and worker safety you desire without any problems.

scaffolding formwork companies , Gürbüz İskele , which has been producing the most affordable solutions for many years, stands out with its productions that offer high quality and long-lasting use. Construction activities can be carried out without any problems with our guaranteed, high-security systems that comply with all standards.

Mold types are classified according to the material they are manufactured and the way they are applied. Some classifications made by considering scaffolding formwork materials are as follows:

  • plywood panel formwork
  • wood panel mold
  • steel panel formwork
  • plastic panel mold

According to the application form, the following classifications can be made:

  • Sliding formwork system
  • Climbing formwork system
  • column formwork system
  • Girder circular formwork system
  • One -sided formwork system

Formwork Scaffolding

Formwork systems are used in the construction of structures such as tunnels, bridges, dams, retaining walls, multi-storey buildings or silos. It is also preferred in paint, coating, jacketing, insulation and facade cladding processes.

Under-formwork scaffolding systems are frequently preferred in high-length projects such as viaducts, power plants or bridges. It is known to be a very safe system on high and heavy floors. They are multi-purpose systems that can be used repeatedly. Formwork scaffolds are also used as carrier scaffolding under beams and floors. This type of scaffold has the following varieties:

  • cargo dock
  • Cup- lock scaffolding systems
  • telescopic mast
  • table formwork scaffolding
  • ladder scaffolding
  • hive pier

can obtain the products you will need for a formwork scaffolding project through our company. You can contact us via our contact information on our website to get information about new and second hand scaffolding prices or rental formwork prices .

Scaffolding formwork