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Slab Formwork is one of the most important building elements in construction. The smoother the formwork, the higher the load-bearing and strength of the structure. For this reason, molds should be projected by people with technical knowledge and applied by a technical team.

Formwork System has an important task that is giving the required size and shape to the reinforced concrete elements. It carries the weight of fresh concrete, the pressure of fresh concrete and additional loads that occur during concrete pouring. They are secure systems varying by their usage areas and activities.

What is Slab Formwork?

Formwork is reinforced concrete elements that transfer the loads on the slabs to beams or columns. They are generally positioned horizontally. The molds used to create the building structures are called Slab Formwork. Slab Formwork can be produced as wood, steel, plywood and plastic depending on the usage area and need.

Slab Formwork transmits the weight from the other elements of the building and the upper floors to the columns and beams. The aim is to provide the static balance of the structure. In this way, the load resistance of the structure is increased. Depending on the need, different Slab methods can be used in the systems. These are slab with beam, flat slab, joist slab, waffle slab and hollow core slab.

Regardless of the types of framework and slab, we provide project design and supervision services for all our products. You can also benefit from our installation and storage services under the assurance of Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems.

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How to Make Slab Formwork?

Slab Formwork consists of beams and molds. Slab Formwork is supported from the bottom so that it can bear the load from other elements. Timber is generally preferred in formwork supports. For Slab Formwork, plywood or timber can be used, as well as ready-made Slab Formwork.

Formwork includes a steel piece on the tensile parts to prevent tensile stresses. These added steel parts prevent shear stress. Distribution steels are connected to the system vertically. Finally, the steel reinforcement is placed and concrete is poured.

Formwork Procedures

  • Floor boards are nailed on the reinforcement bar with an average of 50 cm intervals.
  • They are placed on 5/10 beams with 100 cm intervals under the reinforcement bars.
  • These beams are carried by props at 100–150 cm intervals.
  • Pull props are used to support the formwork.
  • If the slab is made of hollow blocks, the arrangement of the blocks should be spaced and uninterrupted.
  • Mortar pouring into the slab is done at a deeper level than the standard slabs.

Where is Slab Framework Used?

Slab Formwork can be used in construction such as dams, tunnels, bridges, high retaining walls, multi-storey buildings, small structures and silos. Our formwork systems will save you a lot of time in construction.


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