Climbing Formwork Systems

Climbing formwork systems is very high buildings, they can be evaluated at any construction site. Climbing Formwork Systems are systems that have been developed for safe and serial casting and are produced to be used in high buildings and at high wind speeds. Climbing formwork systems, which can be produced in flat, circular or polygonal types, can be used in the construction of structures such as buildings, dams, bridge and viaduct abutments, silos, high retaining walls.

Climbing formwork systems are also very effective in shortening labor times by providing a safe working environment. The biggest reason for this is that it provides a comfortable working area for employees. These systems are often used in the construction of structures such as dams, bridges, high retaining walls, multi-storey buildings and silos .

Climbing Formwork Systems Features

Thanks to the platform created on the climbing consoles fixed to the concrete with climbing formwork climbing hangers, a surface is obtained on which the curtain formwork will sit, as well as providing a safe and secure working area. It is used in high structures that cannot be poured at once.

The fact that the climbing and its formwork are securely fixed to each other allows both of them to be moved as a whole or separately with the help of a crane. This saves a lot of time.

There are two types of climbing consoles available.

  • Movable climbing console
  • Fixed climbing console

gas metal arc welding robots in accordance with EN ISO 3834-3 quality standards .

Climbing formwork systems basically consist of Formwork Climbing Elements, Steel Accessories, Plywood , Wooden Beam and Steel Fabricated Belts. The platform, which is created with special formwork climbing elements, provides a place where the curtain formwork will sit, and also provides a safe working area .

Reusable Material

Climbing Formwork Systems can be adapted to different projects or reinforced concrete formworks. Since the system is not disassembled until the end of the work, it is also suitable for the use of the material many times. It saves labor, time and cost as it is easy to install, can continue to be installed with a crane and does not require plastering. Since the system is specially designed in accordance with the project and mold assembly projects are given, wastage caused by the use of workers is prevented.

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