Construction Safety Net System

Construction Safety Net

The construction safety net system is a fall arrest system that provides passive protection against the risks of falling from a height. Establishing it in areas that require working at high altitudes significantly contributes to job security.

“Falling” in construction workplaces is the leading work accident with a rate of 37%. The rate of “falling from the edge of the slab and scaffold” constitutes the majority of human fall accidents with a rate of 35%. By using a construction safety net system, you can minimize the risk of injury and death from these work accidents.

What is Construction Security Net?

Construction safety net installed in areas that require working at height is a security system that stops the fall and alleviates the injury. It is installed lower than the working level and holds the worker or material that can fall from above. It decreases the fall distance of the employees and alleviates the impact that may occur as a result of the fall.

The safety net has a flexible structure. So it absorbs the falling energy and reduces the possibility of injury. Higher the fall height, more load on the net. Therefore, during the installation of the construction safety net, this flexibility should be calculated. And the safety net should be installed in a position higher than the ground so that it does not flex and hit the ground in case of a fall.

Types of Safety Net System

Construction safety net is divided into two types which are “knotted construction safety net” and “knotless construction safety net”. When the load is placed on the knotted construction net, the nodes are clamped so that they cannot be opened again. It decreases the flexibility of the net. In another hand, the knotless nets do not clamp and can be reused, but are less flexible and able to cause minor injuries.

What Are the Advantages of Construction Security Net?

  • It has a simple technology. It does not deteriorate since not containing mechanical elements.
  • It has a large apparent structure.
  • Due to its simple structure, defects in the system can be easily detected.
  • It does not affect employees’ mobility. It allows workers to do their job quickly and safely.
  • It gives confidence to the employees in the field of work and ensures that they focus only on their jobs.
  • It significantly reduces injury and death rates from falling work areas.

What are the Standards of the Construction Safety Net System? 

Safety net should be established in accordance with TS EN 1263-2 standards. It is designed to alleviate accidents up to 6 meters in general. However, it should be installed as close to the work area as possible. Employees should be trained about the safety net and should not be outside the network coverage when working. During its installation, the working area and the direction and acceleration of the fall should be calculated in a possible accident. When choosing the net, factors such as carrying capacity and service life should be taken into consideration.

Although the construction safety net has a saver role in occupational accidents, it should not be used alone. Other construction safety systems should also be applied. You can choose Gürbüz Scaffolding for construction security systems to provide the safest working environment in your construction sites.