Economical Safety Solutions

Economical Safety Solutions

Economical occupational safety solutions offer important options in terms of compliance with occupational health and safety (OHS) measures. It is possible to ensure the safety of both employees and work areas with economical and durable solutions.

economic job security solutions ? Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 in our country includes what needs to be done in the field of OHS. The relevant law regulates the duties, powers and responsibilities of employers and employees. The use of products that are durable as well as being economical should be tailored to the industry. For example, companies operating in the building and construction sectors can meet their needs with scaffolding and formwork systems produced by considering high safety criteria .

What are Economic Occupational Safety Solutions?

Economic solution proposals in the field of occupational and worker health are the subject of research by many companies. Gürbüz Pier stands out with its highly economical and safe products developed for the building/construction sector. Some of the solutions produced by considering standards such as CE and TSE can be listed as follows;

  • H type scaffolding
  • cup lock pier
  • Table type scaffolding
  • steel curtain column formwork
  • climbing mold
  • telescopic mast
  • hive pier
  • modular scaffolding

The material quality of the equipment used in the work area has an important place among the occupational health and safety problems in Turkey . Low material density and strength invite unwanted accidents.

Economical Safety Solutions

Economic Solution Suggestions in Occupational Safety

economic security measures? Scaffolding and formwork systems manufactured by Gürbüz İskele, taking into account current needs, successfully provide product durability, which is indispensable in the field of occupational health and safety . In addition to our economical solution options, we also provide consultancy services to our customers in this field.

the occupational safety recommendations in factories ? In the production processes in the factories or directly in the factory constructions, the use of safe / durable equipment is among the main recommendations. Various signs and signs should be used at work sites such as factories. In addition, depending on the production area, it may be necessary to take precautions against falling from a height or explosion. Taking the necessary precautions in the field of OHS also brings some benefits:

  • A legal obligation is fulfilled (Law No. 6331).
  • The risk of death and injury to workers is significantly reduced.
  • Risk and emergency planning is done.
  • Against risks such as falling from a height and fire, measures that may vary according to the sector are taken.
  • Occupational diseases are less likely to occur.
  • Healthcare costs are reduced.
  • Employees become conscious through training.