European Standard Scaffolding

European Standard Scaffolding

With its types of European standard scaffolding, Gürbüz Scaffolding provides the best service to its customers in the fastest way. Our company prioritezes trust and safety and cares about the health of both your staff and the people around, so takes all precautions accordingly.

With its types of European standard scaffolding, you can complete all your work in a very short time. Types of scaffolding that can be used in construction or restoration have a very functional structure. Therefore, the scaffoldings produced by our company are preferred by many construction companies for rent or sale.

Types of European Standard Scaffolding

All types of scaffolding have to carry thousands of pounds of weight. Therefore, durability is the most important feature expected from a scaffold. Types of scaffolding are produced in a capacity to bear very heavy loads. You can easily use the scaffolds in the following places:

  • In heavy industry
  • In elevator wells
  • In shipbuilding
  • In shopping malls
  • In energy, industry and health facilities

Scaffolding Clamps Manufacturer

It is possible to go up to hundreds of meters through scaffolds. The fixing structure of the system prevents possible crashes and provides a high level of security. The scaffoldings are fixed by our company. There are 3 different types of scaffolding:

  • Safe H Frame Scaffolding: This type of scaffolding is multi-purpose used in shipyards and industrial facilities. It is preferred for different façade works.
  • Ring-lock Scaffolding: This type of scaffolding can be used in all facade works such as elevator wells, industrial facilities, shipbuilding and repair works, and in the restoration of artistic and historical structures.
  • Modular Scaffolding: It is used in all assembly, installation and restoration works in interior and exterior of different structures. It is very practical.

Slab Formwork

All types of slab formwork scaffolding can be used in all slab systems. Its load carrying capacity is high and it is preferred in different projects. It provides maximum security and ensures that your work is completed in a short time. Slab formwork can be easily removed and assembled. It is used in projects such as viaducts, industries, bridges and power plants.

  • Cup-Lock Scaffolding: It is a carrier system that can be used under the slab and beam formwork. It has features of locking and load transfer.
  • Table Type Scaffolding: It is used as carrier of slab and beam formwork in high and heavy concrete works such as bridge, viaduct, industry, power plant. It facilitates the use of heavy loads that Is raised to high points.
  • Telescopic Scaffolding: It is both flexible and practical. It is used in planting, slab and beam formwork
  • Shoring: The system used in high and heavy concrete works such as bridges, viaducts and power plants. It is safe and secure.

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