External Scaffolding Rental Near Me

External Scaffolding Rental Near Me

If you are looking for an external scaffolding rental near me, Gürbüz Scaffolding is as close as a phone call. Our company, which serves with scaffolding systems that respond to different needs, keeps the security at the highest point in the systems it produces.

If you are wondering what opportunities does have the external scaffolding rental near me, you can get a price offer from Gürbüz Scaffolding and rent a scaffolding under the most favorable conditions. Scaffolding systems have functionality in addition to security and meet our customers with different advantages.

Equipment & External Scaffolding Rental Near Me

With the rental option offered by our company, you can use the exterior scaffolding system at more affordable costs. In this way, you will get rid of taxes. Scaffolding must carry thousands of kilos; therefore, durability should be the most important feature of scaffolds. Rental scaffolding are able to carry very heavy loads without any difficulty. With the scaffoldings using in the following areas, you can easily do your work at a height of hundreds of meters:

  • In heavy industry
  • In elevator wells
  • In shipbuilding
  • In shopping malls
  • In energy, industry and health facilities

Types of Rental Scaffolding

The stabilizer structure of the system prevents possible collapses and provides a high level of security. Fixing the scaffolding is also done by our company. There are three types of rental scaffolding:

  • Safe H Frame Scaffolding: This type of scaffolding preferred in shipbuilding and industry is multi-purpose and can be used in various facade works.
  • Ring-lock Scaffolding: This scaffolding you can choose in all facade works is used in elevator wells, industrial facilities, shipbuilding and repair works and restoration of artistic and historical buildings.
  • Modular Scaffolding: It is used in all assembly and restoration works in interior and exterior facades of different structures. It is quite practical.

Advantages of Rental Scaffolding Systems

You can get many advantages by renting a scaffolding. One of them is that you can complete your investments quickly. It also has the following advantages:

  • Rental costs are low.
  • You benefit from tax discounts.
  • You get rid of storage costs.
  • You do not cash large amounts out

Gürbüz Scaffolding also offers project design and supervision services for rental scaffolding systems produced in accordance with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards. With this service, everything from the beginning to the end of the project is planned and goes as desired. All our scaffolding systems have been passed the tests for safety and security.