Formwork Scaffolding Manufacturer

Formwork Scaffolding Manufacturer

As a Formwork Scaffolding Manufacturer, we maintain to offer the most compatible solutions for you in the local and global market. With high product quality at reasonable prices, it is possible to manufacture formwork scaffoldings compatible with your needs. Our systems are preferred by many of our customers because of their ability of easy installation and storage.

Gürbüz As Formwork Scaffolding Manufacturer

When Formwork Scaffolding Manufacturer companies are analyzed, Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems reveal its difference with its works and products. High load bearing capacity and fast adaptation to different projects are very significant for Formwork Scaffolding Systems. Our systems are suitable for use in all kinds of slab processes such as mushroom, hollow block and beam.

Formwork Scaffolding Systems are able to adapt to tall building projects used heavy concrete such as viaduct, industry, bridge, and power plant. The systems become extremely safe as the rigid frame is formed by horizontal and vertical connections.

Under Formwork Scaffolding is produced in accordance with European standards. Formwork Scaffolding, which is produced with the latest technology systems, draws attention with its current designs. All of the installation and fixing processes can be done by our company. Our aim is to provide long-lasting and safe use in our products.

Types of Formwork Scaffoldings

As a Formwork Scaffolding Manufacturer, we can determine and produce the most compatible systems for you with our years of experience. Formwork Scaffolding Systems may differ depending on the usage area and the shape. The systems have three different uses as follows:

  • Table type scaffold
  • Heavy duty scaffold
  • Stair tower

Systems are divided into 4 according to the usage area.

  • Cup-lock scaffolding system is an ideal system used under slab and beam formwork in terms of locking and load transfer features at the connection points.
  • Table type scaffolding system is a carrier system preferred in high and heavy concrete projects such as bridge, viaduct, industry, and power plant.
  • Telescopic Scaffolding is a flexible and practical system used as formwork support in slab and beam formwork applications.
  • H frame Scaffolding is produced to carry wide openings and heavy loads. Since it consists of 3 main parts, it does not take up much space.

Our products are presented to you with security systems prepared with the latest technologies. You can contact us to get more detailed information and take advantage of the campaigns.