Ideal Solutions in Occupational Safety

Ideal Solutions in Occupational Safety

The most ideal solutions in occupational safety can be provided in line with the requirements of the sector in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law. For example, solutions such as scaffolding safety systems in the building/construction sector can ensure the safety of both the construction sites and the workers working there.

the most ideal solutions in occupational safety ? The most suitable solutions can be determined with a consultancy service, taking into account the risk situation of the sector. Solutions such as applied fire training, risk and emergency planning, training of personnel in the field of OHS can be given as examples. Our company, which operates in the construction sector, enables trouble-free processes thanks to the safe equipment it provides and the consultancy service it provides. A company that pays attention to worker health and safety protects the health of its employees by fulfilling a legal obligation.

What are the Most Ideal Solutions for Occupational Safety?

Occupational health is considered as a very broad concept. Matters such as health and safety are concepts that do not remove errors and require attention. For this reason, it is necessary to draw up a road map by considering many details.

What are the best solutions in job security? Gürbüz İskele, as a company operating in the building and construction sectors, develops quality systems in accordance with both national and international standards. Our productions comply with TSE and CE standards.

  • Scaffolding formwork systems
  • Under-mold systems
  • exterior scaffolding systems
  • Security systems

It is provided by our company. No matter which region you operate in, you can benefit from Gürbüz Pier’s innovative solutions.

Ideal Solutions in Occupational Safety

What is the Main Goal in Occupational Health and Safety?

Issues related to occupational safety in Turkey are guaranteed by the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Law No. 6331. Every industry has its own risks and requirements. So , what are the measures to be taken for occupational safety at workplaces? Every line of business has its own risks. Some jobs have lower hazard levels, while others can be extremely risky.

  • Build
  • Explosives and weapons manufacturing
  • Chemical paint production
  • Work done at height

They are known as risky areas. OHS measures must be strictly observed for the safety of employees and work areas. Otherwise, the health of the personnel may be endangered and business continuity may be disrupted. The employer is responsible for accidents or risks that occur when occupational health and safety measures are not fulfilled and may face criminal sanctions.

The prestige of a company or institution that implements the most ideal solutions in the field of OHS increases. Jobs can be run without interruption. In addition, the incidence of occupational diseases is reduced. For example, a staff working in the field of chemistry should be given training on flammable and combustible materials and fire safety.