Plywood One Sided Wall Formwork

Plywood One Sided Wall Formwork

Plywood One Sided Wall Formwork is used in the construction of reinforced concrete structures where double-facade anchors cannot be made such as retaining walls, thick walls. There are also Plywood One Sided Wall Formwork which tolerate the increasing pressure according to the changing wall height.

After determining distances and types of support in concrete pressure ratio, plywood one sided wall formwork is prepared with climbing equipment and accessories. In addition, the pressure of the newly built concrete is transferred to the climbing console by the vertical belt and strut. Permanent anchors take the load from here. Plywood Onesided Wall Formwork is installed in one piece.

Plywood One Sided Wall Formwork

Plywood Onesided Wall Formwork is an economical choice and applied with its accessories. This system can be changed for all kinds of reinforced concrete wall formwork. There are also other important features of the system:

  • With this mold, concrete surfaces are smooth and do not deform. Thus, the plaster process is eliminated.
  • The endurance rate of the beams is high, so deflection is less than that of conventional wood formwork.
  • Adjustable circular formwork can be adjusted to different diameters within their limits. It does not harm your economy.
  • It has a comfortable use.
  • It carries loads of different weight easily.

Features of Plywood Formwork

The product is preferred by construction companies and does not harm the environment. This formwork is used in molds prepared for pouring concrete, on exterior of buildings, floor, wall and floor covering. The plywood formwork is adhered to the wooden sheets using high pressure glue. This results in a more robust product.

Construction of Plywood Onesided Wall Formwork

Waterproof films are coated on the Plywood Onesided Wall Formwork. The wood layers of Plywood One Sided Wall Formwork is a hard product with good quality. In addition, the quality and quantity of the glue used in the mold making also affects quality and durability in the phenolic film as well as the pressure during the press.

Quality of Plywood Formwork

The quality of the glue used is one of the most important factors that increase the durability and load bearing of Plywood Onesided Wall Formwork. WBP (Wheather Boil Proof) glue increases durability and load carrying capacity of the mold used in external conditions. The genus of the tree should be birch. These are also factors that affect durability. The press is as important as the material quality. Density is also important in the quality of Plywood. Plywood Formwork with more density have higher strength. This naturally affects the price.