Rail Climbing System

Rail Climbing System

The main feature of Rail Climbing System systems is that all the advantages of other systems are gathered in a single one. Rail-directed climbing is carried out quickly and safely.

Rail Climbing System is safe even in windy weather and hydraulic system can be used without a crane. As a formwork or a climbing protection panel, it is always directed by rails mounted on the building. The climbing foot can be attached to the slab edges and also to the wall. Thanks to the modular system with hole adjustment, it is compatible with a wide range of construction needs.

Why Rail Climbing System?

Rail Climbing System consists of brackets that support formworks designed for single-sided concrete surfaces, high-rise structures and have handrails. Climbing formwork is on the climbing brackets fixed to the concrete with climbing straps. With this structure, a surface on which the wall formwork will sit is created and a safe working area is provided. It is also used in tall buildings that cannot be poured at once.

Formwork Systems

This system is generally used in structures such as dams, bridges, high retaining walls, multi-storey buildings and silo. The formwork is connected with the vertical plate of the bracket by means of tension tie hooks and is moved by a crane as a whole. This saves time.

Features of Climbing Formwork

As climbing scaffold and the climbing formwork are strongly connected to each other, both of them can be moved as a whole with the help of the tower crane. It has also the following features:

  • It is not necessary to install a very high scaffold for support formwork.
    Rail Climbing System
    Rail Climbing System
  • A comfortable working area and safety of workers are provided.
  • It can be used in very tall buildings at high wind speeds.
  • Its parts are standard and can be used again in next projects.
  • It is manufactured as flat, circular or polygonal.

Self Climbing Formwork

It provides economical, fast and safe solutions in tall buildings with reinforced concrete. Generally; It is used in façade, shaft structures and inclined bridge pylon. Formwork closing and removal and hydraulic climbing progress in a very fast order. Comfortable platforms provide protection from wind and bad weather when necessary.

One Sided Climbing Formwork

One Sided Climbing Formwork is very good in terms of cost and efficiency. The system’s multi-purpose support elements and modular design ensure the best suitability for geometry and your needs.