Safe Facade Scaffolding Types

Safe Facade Scaffolding Types

Safe Facade Scaffolding Types are used in buildings and other structures. Safe facade scaffolding systems used in construction, maintenance, repair and demolition works create a safe working environment. They are indispensable systems for the safety of both your personnel and the people around.

Gürbüz Scaffolding, Safe Facade Scaffolding Types, of course, not only ensures the safety of personnel and the environment, but also ensures that your work is completed faster and delivery is made on time. With its experience in the sector, Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems produces that fulfills all the obligations of the ministry for safe facade scaffolding systems. Our company also provides service to different cities of Turkey besides Ankara. Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems, which produces safe facade scaffolding systems with its years of experience and experience, offers the scaffolding systems to its customers for rent as well as sales.

Safe Facade Scaffolding Types and Features

Gürbüz safe facade scaffolding systems apply universal standards during the production phase of facade scaffolding systems.

  • All types of scaffolds to be used in exterior activities are covered with hot-dip galvanized against corrosion. Thus, situations such as rusting do not occur.
  • The correct load class is determined according to the purpose of use of the scaffold and the load it will carry, and a suitable scaffolding system that meets the necessary conditions is recommended.
  • width class is also recommended in accordance with the intended use of the Gürbüz secure scaffolding system.

Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems manufactures all safety scaffolding and formwork systems in accordance with the TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards set by the Ministry. It also enables its customers to benefit from our Project Planning and Supervision services within this framework. Our company, based in Ankara and serving different cities,

  • Wedge Flange Scaffolding
  • H Type Scaffolding
  • Modular Scaffolding
  • Hive Pier
  • Telescope Masts
  • Table Type Scaffolding
  • Cup- lock

manufactures systems.

Scaffolding and Formwork Systems

Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems , which has years of experience, can be used in residences, high-rise buildings, business and shopping centers, industrial buildings, energy facilities, hospitals and health facilities, and restoration projects. In this sense, Gürbüz safe facade scaffolding systems, which you will prefer in construction, maintenance, repair and demolition works, both facilitate access to the working environment and increase working efficiency.