Safety in Scaffolding

Safety in Scaffolding Gürbüz

Safety in Scaffolding is the most important issue in construction zone which has difficult working conditions; in this respect, companies have to use scaffolding system with safety equipments to ensure the safety of both their employees and people passing around the construction zone and the building. Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems, which have been providing various types of scaffolding systems used in construction to many of its customers for many years, fulfill all the requirements of the universal standards, and never compromise on security. Our company known scaffolding with safety in Ankara, offers the same service to different points in Turkey, and shares the knowledge and experience it have with customers.

Where is the scaffold with safety equiments used?

Safe scaffolding is used in all kinds of facade works. Scaffolding with safety equipment, which is preferred in construction, maintenance, restoration and destruction, ensures that your work is finished on time, you save your own time and the system creates a high level of security. The safe security which havs all these features is used in the following areas:

  • All types of construction
  • Cleaning and painting
  • Restoration and formation of historical and artistic structures
  • Construction of road, bridge and viaduct
  • Elevator well
  • Construction of ship
  • Construction of stadium, stage and stage tent
Safety in Scaffolding Gürbüz
Safety in Scaffolding

Production of Safe Scaffold by Ankara Gürbüz

Gürbüz Scaffold meets the criteria set by the Ministry while producing and presenting secure facade and scaffolding systems used in construction to its customers. These criteria ensure a safe working environment.

  • The kinds of scaffolding which is covered with hot-dip galvanizing against corrosion, do not corrode, do not lose color and do not become health-damaging.
  • In order to choose appropriate Scaffolding system, The suitable load class is determined according to how much load it will carry and intended use of scaffolding. Appropriate scaffolding system for you is recommended in accordance with all these determinations.
  • The width class of the scaffold is also recommended according to the intended use of the Gürbüz safe scaffolding system.

Types of Rental Scaffolding

Our company produces different types of scaffolds and serves them in Ankara as well as in different cities. In this context,

  • Ring lock scaffolding
  • H Frame Scaffolding
  • Modular Scaffolding
  • Scaffold Tower
  • Telescope Props
  • Table Type Scaffolding
  • Cup lock Scaffolding

Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Sytems provides a variety of safe scaffold which are mentioned above and also offers Project Planning and Supervision services to its customers. All of the systems above are complied with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards.

You can obtain safe scaffoldings produced by Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems with different options for sale, rent and second hand. You can call our phone number and contact us to take advantage of our reasonable price.