Scaffold Disassembly Rules

Scaffold Disassembly Rules

Scaffold Disassembly Rules are a series of rules to be followed during disassembly of the scaffold. These rules must be followed in order to ensure work safety and prevent scaffold pieces from getting damaged. Disassembly of the scaffold should be carried out with as much discipline and care as assembly and use of it.

Scaffold Disassembly Rules are defined by state regulations. Obeying these rules at the work site is mandatory. Disassembly and assembly of scaffolds must be done under supervision of experts or engineers.

What are Exterior Scaffold Disassembly Rules?

Exterior scaffold systems must be disassembled in line with regulations. Assembly, use, and disassembly of exterior scaffold systems are defined in “The Regulation of Health and Safety Requirements for the Use of Work Equipment”.

Prior to disassembly of scaffolds, a set of safety measures must be taken against risks crashing the scaffold or having its pieces fall off. Scaffold disassembly must be done in line with the rules given below:

  • Once disassembly of the scaffold has been initiated, it cannot be used for work anymore.
  • Scaffold disassembly must be done according to assembly-disassembly plan provided by the procuring company.
  • The area where scaffold pieces are to be stacked must be defined taking into consideration entry and exit of the vehicles to be loaded with them.
  • Warning signs must be used.
  • It must be ensured that there is no debris on the scaffold ground.
  • Checking on exterior scaffold system and its pieces;
    • All joining pieces are present,
    • Scaffold diagonals are working,
    • Platforms are placed on the cross bracers properly.

Detailed Security Controls

  • Timbers are checked and those which are damaged (saw cut, rot, cracked) are laid away never to be used again.
  • Disassembly workers must use personal safety equipment such as safety helmets, safety belts, gloves and steel toed shoes.
  • Defining the attachment points of safety ropes.
  • Checking the rope, carabiner and the hook to be used for safety rope.
  • Disassembly of scaffolds start from the top. If there is external wall facing, disassembly is continued on a floor by floor basis.
  • Platforms are removed from the ground floor after bottom sheet and safety rails are removed.
  • Measures are taken against risks of having the equipment hit or fall.
  • Stacking the disassembled equipment without damaging it.

Following these rules bare vital importance to ensure that both workers and the equipment are safe.