Scaffold Inspection

scaffold inspection

Scaffold Inspection must be done in works of construction, maintenance, repair and demolition.

Now all calculations for scaffolding are made easily with computer software. Even though operations are carried out in a computer, occupational safety specialist and site manager should check the scaffolding after installation.

Work accidents are increasing every day because of wrong scaffolding installation. With construction regulation, some standards have been set for erection of scaffold. But if the necessary controls are not performed, some accidents occur. Thus, scaffolds should not be used without checking. It is not difficult to inspect scaffold. The important point is to ensure the compatibility of the project with the erection of scaffolding. Scaffold inspection should be made to ensure the safety of both employees and surrounding people

Scaffol Inspection

Tie lines are the most important factor that makes the scaffold stand stable. These lines are necessary for the scaffolding to stand. Tie lines must be checked in scaffold inspection. The lines must be able to meet force. The strength of the lines on hollow bricks is very low because the interior of the brick is empty.

Checking Scaffold Legs

Scaffolding feet must be made properly for the scaffold to be durable. Putting pipes into the soil after lengthening is not good for scaffold stability. The pipes must be mounted and fastened on a fixed plate.

Checking Cross Braces

Control of cross braces is also very significant. The cross braces, which play an important role in the horizontal stability of the scaffold, keep the scaffold when it is windy. These connections should be made appropriately according to the location and number given in the project.

Thickness and Height of Pipes

Thickness and heights of the pipes are also taken into account in the wind measurement of scaffold. The use of the scaffold should be appropriate for the calculation. If the scaffold is not built in accordance with the measurements in the project, the wind will transmit the load to the scaffold. This load damages the stability of the scaffold and even causes it to collapse. So this probability should also be taken into account during scaffold inspection.

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