Scaffolding For Sale In My Region

scaffolding for sale in my region

For your search of scaffolding for sale in my region, Gürbüz Scaffolding is at your side with fast and professional service. It aims to provide a problem-free service to its customers by selling scaffolding and formwork systems that we produce with the latest technology products.

For your search of scaffolding for sale in my region, Gürbüz Scaffolding makes the highest standards of its sales. One of the most important things for Gürbüz İskele is customer satisfaction. In the sales of scaffolding and formwork systems, the products are delivered safely to customers in specified quantities, brand-labeled, packaged, and stretched. You can reach our high standard products as soon as possible by contacting us.

Scaffolding And Formwork Systems For Sale In My Region

Exterior Scaffoldings

  1. Safe H Frame Scaffolding
  2. Ringlock Scaffolding
  3. Modula Scaffolding

Slab Formworks

  1. Cup-lock Scaffolding
  2. Shoring Scaffolding
  3. Telescope Pole
  4. H Frame Scaffolding


  1. Timber Colum Formwork
  2. Timber Circular Formwork
  3. Steel Column Formwork
  4. Single- Sided Formwork
  5. Climbing Formwork

Safety Systems

  1. Safety net
  2. Job Security Materials
  3. Material Lifting Platform

Advantages of Safe Scaffolding

It is possible to use TSE-certified scaffoldings produced by Gürbüz Scaffolding in different structures in construction:

  • All facade works
  • Restoration of art and historical buildings
  • Industrial plants
  • Ship building industry
  • Elevator wells
  • Exterior installation works

You can use them safely. Scaffolding and formwork systems are easy to assemble and disassemble. Each floor of the system is equipped with planks of wood, which ensure a safe working environment. The staircase has a cover, which allows you to move easily between the floors of the system. Furthermore, a wall connector (tiji) is used to secure the scaffold system.

Climbing Formwork

Safe Climbing Formwork consists of console bracket.  The bracket supports formwork designed for single-sided concrete surfaces and high-rise structures. In climbing formwork, the platform is on the console brackets which are fixed to the concrete by climbing hangers. In this way, a surface on which formwork will fit is obtained and a safe and secure working area is provided.

Since 1986, GÜRBÜZ Scaffolding and Formwork Systems continues to be a leading company for manufacturing, designing, and post-construction activities of scaffolding and formwork systems in the sector with domestic and abroad services