Scaffolding In Construction

scoffolding in construction

The production of Scaffolding Used In Construction is a very critical process that requires attention for safety. Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems continues to produce scaffoldings which are used in construction at high quality standards without slowing down, and also to serve you with both rental and sale of scaffolding.

Additionally, we continue to raise our quality standards with the advantages we provide to our customers in the service of scaffolding in construction. Furthermore, we continue to be a pioneer in the sector with domestic and international services with the project design and post-construction activities. We provide the services of Scaffolding for Hire and Sale by offering the most ideal solutions at affordable prices.

Scaffolding Conforming To TSI Requirements

The Construction of Scaffold is designed and manufactured complying with the requirements of TS EN 10219-1. Installation and dismantling of systems is safe, fast and simple in every aspect. Our products are arranged and manufactured in alternative platform sizes and standards.

In this way, it can easily carry thousands of pounds. It is one of the systems that can be used in shipbuilding, heavy industry, elevator wells and industrial facilities.

Thanks to the safe scaffolding systems, you can ensure safety of both goods and life. You have a guarantee of fast, safe and economical work through various types of the scaffold equipped with high technology security systems. You will avoid material damages while ensuring the safety of your company employees and the people living around the construction zone.

Gürbüz Scaffolding Systems

Scaffolding Systems consist of three parts: Facade Scaffolding, Formwork Scaffolding, and Security Systems. All of our Security Systems are offered to you within the scope of scaffolding systems.

  • Facade Scaffolding is used in exterior installation processes and in the arrangement and renovation processes applied to the faç It provides maximum safety of the employees during the construction of high-rise facades. It is a scaffolding system that provides the safety of pedestrians in the residential area.
  • Formwork Scaffolding is an ideal system that can be used in all kinds of flooring systems. It creates a safe and fast work environment with its high load carrying capacity and rapid adaptation to different projects. It is preferred in high length and heavy concrete projects such as industrial, viaduct, bridge, and power plant with its feature of easy assembly and disassembly.

We are at your service with our affordable options prepared for you with our Rental Scaffolding service. If you want to have scaffolding and formwork systems at the most economical prices, and desire to profit both in time and money and if you think speed ​​and confidence are the most important factors, you’re in the right place! You can have all of these services at the best prices by contacting without waiting.