Scaffolding Installation

Scaffolding Installation

Installation of scaffolding for safety is an important stage in the construction, which is one of the most risky sectors in terms of occupational health and safety.

Scaffolding included safety equipments is used for construction, maintenance, repair and demolition works of all building structures. It is a temporary construction structure providing safe working environments and safe access to the work area. The scaffold consists of:

  • Basic Scaffolding Frame
  • Guardrail,
  • Rail,
  • Platforms that provide completely safe operation at all levels,

Access Ladders for secure transition.

Safe Scaffold & Safe Work Area

Nowadays, one of the most important factor that ensure the construction of modern structures in a fast, high quality and safe way is the use of technological formwork and scaffolding.

While the construction sector is one of the most risky sectors in terms of working conditions,  unfortunately it also takes the first place among all sectors in the number of work accidents and loss of life due to accident. According to statistics, 1 out of every 3 fatal work accidents in our country is experienced in Construction / Building sector. The widespread use of industrial formwork and scaffolding systems in accordance with international norms is an important element that ensures a significant reduction in occupational accidents.

Formwork Systems

The work accidents in the construction are examined that 40% of the accidents happened during working at height. And the causes of accidents were the use of non-standard scaffolding whose equipments constitute a dangerous working area.

Under the decision taken by the Labor and Social Security Ministry in 2015 , use of uncertified scaffolding in construction was banned in Turkey. Certification processes for temporary construction equipment such as safety nets, edge protection systems, under-frame scaffolding are still in progress. The Safe Scaffold consists of the following components:

  • Steel Frame
  • Guardrail
  • Side Rail
  • Adjustable Screw Jack
  • Diagonal Element
  • Toe board
  • Work platform
  • Platform with ladder
  • Base jack
  • Putlog
Scaffolding Installation
Scaffolding Installation

What are the stages of Safe Scaffolding Installation”?

  1. In order to prevent gliding due to the weight of the scaffold itself and the loads on it, the durableness of the floor to be installed should be checked. If the installation is to be done on soil or filler ground, the necessary compaction procedures should be applied to the ground. In case of need, the load can be spread over a larger area by placing wooden wedges under the shafts that provide the contact of the scaffold with the ground.
  2. The first step of the assembly is the placement of the shafts.
  3. The diagonal element carrying the starting pin of the diagonal tube is inserted into the system by passing it through the pipe of the
  4. The frames are installed with the placement of all shafts in the direction where the scaffold will be installed.
  5. The safe scaffolding installation continues with the installation of the guardrail pipes between the frames.
  6. The durableness of the system under load is increased by mounting the diagonal pipe compatible with the distance between the two frames.
  7. Necessary corrections are made after measuring the linearity of the first module horizontally and vertically through the spirit level, In addition, it is checked whether the system is at the desired distance from the application So, the installation can continue correctly.
  8. The other module in horizontal position is completed. After that basic platform and platform with ladder are included in the system.
  9. A platform with ladder leads to go up to next floors. The installation of the module on the upper floor starts with the placement of the frames.
  10. Guardrail pipes is
  11. The diagonal pipes is mounted in the upper module.
  12. Scaffolding pipes are included in the system in order to ensure operational safety at the ends.
  13. Couplers are installed.
  14. The installation of the upper module is completed by taking the place of basic platforms and platforms with ladder in the system.
  15. The scaffold is connected to the façade by fixing at the designated points with
  16. Until reaching the top floor of the scaffold, the stages of the platform with ladder are repeated and installation is continued.
  17. When the last floor of the scaffolding is reached, firstly the guardrail posts are installed and the horizontal guardrail posts are assembled.
  18. With the addition of scaffold pipe and baseboards to the system, installation is completed.

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