Scaffolding Pipes For Sale

Scaffolding pipes for sale

Scaffolding pipes for sale is a kind of slab formwork. Considering slab loads, intervals of telescopic poles can be adjusted with the help of interval of joists and stringers.

Telescopic Pole, which is sold by Gürbüz Scaffolding, is also named as Telescopic Scaffolding, Mobile Scaffolding, Adjustable Scaffold, Scaffolding Pole, Telescope Pole, Iron Pole, and Construction Pole. Scaffolding pipes for sale are supported by telescopic pipes of 300-350-400 cm and three legs called tripods.

Scaffolding Pipes For Sale and Its Components

The scaffolding pipes produced with the Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork’s quality assurance meet TR-EN 1065 quality standards. Adjustable scaffolding pipes are used in residential, villa, business and shopping malls, hospitals and health facilities. The system can be easily installed and dismantled. Furthermore, it can be adjusted at different heights and can be planned according to the characteristics of all settlements. The pipes can be used in harmony with other systems. In addition to the pipes which are the main elements of the system, auxiliary elements are used such as Tripod, U Head and Double Way Head.

Scaffolding and Formwork Systems

How to use scaffolding pipes?

The system is simply molded with a hollow tile slab or a multi-bemed thin slab. It is preferred as a highly flexible solution for different types of slab and different geometries. The load bearing capacity of the struts, which is 30 kN compared to the traditional formwork system, enables the installation of the slab formwork with fewer pipes as well as faster and less labor. It can be used longer than conventional formwork systems. In addition, it is more economical because of low labor and using less materials.

Advantages of Scaffolding Pipe

Scaffolding pipe systems bring many advantages to firms.

  • In order to form all types of slab formwork, It can be used with four way or U head, as well as tripod and H20 timber beam.
  • It is flexible, adjustable, budget friendly and also have high number of use.
  • The slab material can be diluted and compacted by considering the slab load.
  • It can be produced in different heights depending on the working zone.
  • It is economical and has proven reliability.

Our company design, makes installation and dismantles scaffolding pipes. In addition, the system allows you to complete your work in a short time. For more information, you can follow our social media accounts, call our phone number and benefit from our advantageous prices.