Scaffoldings used in construction which are all kinds of facade, art and historical building restorations, industrial facilities, shipyard, elevator well and construction of bridge and viaduct; are easily installable, removable and transportable. The scaffoldings produced in accordance with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards are extremely safe. It ensures the safety and security of both your employees and the people passing by your facility.

General Features of Scaffoldings

The most important features of scaffolding used in construction are:

  • Scaffold planks are placed on each floor of the scaffolds in construction.
  • Attic ladders provide safe passage between floors.
  • The system is connected with tiji.
  • Assembly and disassembly is quite simple.
  • Load carrying capacity is high.
  • It can be made ready for different projects with a easy storing up.

Facade Scaffolding

Types of Scaffolding

There are three types of scaffoldings:

  • H Frame Scaffoldings

H Frame Scaffolding, which can be used in all kinds of facade works, shipyards and industrial plants, is a versatile scaffolding system.

  • Ring Lock Scaffoldings

Ring lock scaffoldings are functional systems used in different business lines such as restorations of artistic and historical buildings, industrial works, shipyard and elevator wells.

  • Modular Scaffoldings

Modular Scaffoldings which have casters are used for both installation and restoration projects inside and outside of buildings.


Service Quality in Scaffolding System

Since 1986, Gürbüz Scaffolding has been producing the scaffolding systems which have a good reputation in all kinds of construction works. No matter which scaffolding used in construction you choose, our company conducts manufacturing, projecting, installation and dismantling with its expert team. Considering our customers’ budget within the framework of customer satisfaction principles, Gürbüz Scaffolding offers its products with two options: sale and rent. We provide alternative solutions to our customers by serving new and used scaffoldins for sale and rent.

Full Security and Safety

From the project design to the assembly and disassembly of the scaffolding, our company is carried out with full safety and security principles.The safety of your employees, your properties, and the people surrounding the building is a priority. At this point, the safety net, work safety equipment and material extraction equipment are important considerations at every stage of the scaffolding.

Gürbüz Scaffolding, which produces scaffolding with a safety, serve you with the best and advantageous prices. You can follow us on our social media accounts, make phone calls for scaffolding.