Second Hand Scaffolding

Second Hand Scaffolding Systems

Gürbüz Scaffolding, which provides services with first-hand scaffolding systems as well as second hand scaffolding systems, produces practical solutions in the construction sector. It meets the needs of the companies in different ways and helps to reduce costs.

Used scaffolding has great advantages for companies. The most important advantage is the price. Scaffolding systems, which you can have at lower prices, ensure that your project is completed on time and your work is finished safely. With the second hand scaffolding you have many advantages.

Second Hand Scaffolding Systems

Scaffolding systems can be used in all facade works, arrangement and restoration works applied to art and historical buildings, in industrial facilities, in shipbuilding industry, elevator wells and in exterior installation works. Scaffolding assembly is simple, fast and safe in all respects:

  • Sheet metal planks are placed on each floor to create a safe working environment.
  • Safe access between the floors is ensured by the scaffolding ladder with a gate.
  • A wall rod is used to secure the system.
  • Rental scaffolding systems are produced in accordance with TS-EN 12810 and TS-EN 12811 standards.

Advantages of Second Hand Scaffolding

With the advantages of used scaffolding systems, firms provide the balance of financing. They may prefer a second-hand product by paying less than the first-hand price. You can get advantageous prices by contacting us without waiting any further and you can get more detailed information on the subject.

Second Hand Scaffoldings

There are some features that differentiate used scaffolding and formwork systems from other systems:

  • Our systems consist of horizontal elements designed as one piece as well as an open frame system that provide high level security for the personnel during installation and operation.
  • Lower adjustable shafts are used to eliminate the difference in elevation
  • A safe working environment is provided with working Personnel do not deal with the transfer of planks between the floors, thus increasing the work speed and job security.
  • The scaffolding is fixed to the façade by using With putlogs, the system is adjusted at the desired distance to the working surface and assembled with maximum durability in each axis.
  • In the scaffolding, personnel perform the transitions between the floors with independent stairs mounted inside the framesgü.
  • The system manufactures all the elements it contains within flexible dimensions in order to ensure compliance with the project. In this way, it offers perfect solutions even in the most difficult working areas.
  • Our expert staff in the formwork and scaffolding systems with the experience of the construction site is with you until the end of the project.
  • The safety, durability, affordability and usefulness of the facade scaffold are in European standards. It does not waste time.

You can have second hand scaffolding at the most reasonable prices with the projecting service.