Shuttering Quantity For Column

shuttering quantity for column

Shuttering Quantity For Column is a very important issue in both quantity and progress payment of shuttering. It should be noted that there are two different methods of quantity for column:

  • Classical Method
  • Alternative Method

The Classical Method is highly preferred because of giving the most accurate results. However, in some cases,  the Alternative Method may also give more accurate results for some calculations.

Classical Method in Shuttering Quantity For Column

All the surfaces of the column that come into contact with concrete are calculated in the Classical Method. The reason why this kind of measurement gives accurate results is that it includes the entire shuttering.

Straight Method in Shuttering Quantity For Column

A simpler method, the Alternative Method, is calculated on columns and walls whose width exceeds 1 meter. A number of issues need to be taken into account in the calculation of column shuttering. It is possible to say: if there is a 90 x 90 column , it is not taken into account; however, if there is a 100 x 80 column and the length is, for example, 3.5 meters, the amount of shuttering to be taken into account is 3.5 x 1.00 = 3.50 square meters.

There may be a difference between the Classical Method and the Alternative Method. If too many shutterings are used, this difference will increase further. For a more accurate calculation, the Classical Method should be preferred instead of the Alternative Method. Thus, tens of thousands of square meters will not be the difference. In this sense, the Classical Method will be the most accurate calculation method. The size of work is calculated in the Classical Method, so that the losses are reduced as much as possible. There may be different losses depending on the type and condition of the project. These losses may be against the employer or the contractor.

Any change in Shuttering Quantity For Column does not only affect the calculation. The calculation is directly reflected in the costs. Unit prices will vary depending on the calculation. As known, payments are made in units of measurement used in progress payment. Therefore, the measurement can lead to more or less payment.

Types of Shuttering Quantity For Column

There are different kinds of shuttering quantity for column used in the construction area.

  • Climbing Formwork
  • Single Sided Formwork
  • Steel Formwork For Column
  • Circular Formwork with Wooden Beam
  • Wall and Column Formwork with Wooden Beam

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