Slab Formwork Systems

Slab Formwork Systems are safe and economical scaffolding systems that have an important place in the construction of a structure . It is extremely easy to install and disassemble. It is one of the indispensable building elements of construction projects today, with its ability to be used many times and its superior quality approved by the relevant institutions .

Slab Formwork Systems provide users with a high level of work safety. In this way, the health of the employees and the surrounding people is protected and the occurrence of unwanted accidents is prevented. You can have our systems produced in line with the occupational safety and formwork scaffolding regulations and the opportunities offered by a single phone call.

Where Are Slab Formwork Systems Used?

First of all, what is formwork scaffolding? Let’s answer your question. Formwork scaffolds; cork, hollow beam, etc. They are ideal systems that can be used in all kinds of flooring systems. It can be easily adapted to your projects. It can be quickly adapted to different projects with its high load carrying capacity. Easy transport and easy storage play a big role in the preference of these systems.

Especially in recent years, it is preferred in projects where heavy concrete is used such as bridge, viaduct, industry, power plant construction. As the horizontal and vertical connections in the systems form a rigid frame, they offer extra security on high floors. They are the most ideal systems to be used under slab and beam formwork in terms of locking and load transfer properties at the connection points.

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Slab Formwork Systems

What are the Types of Under Formwork Scaffolding?

The formwork scaffolding can be adapted and changed in accordance with the project to be used and the requirements of the project.

  • cuplock pier,
  • Table type scaffolding and
  • There are three different types of piers, namely Kovanlı pier.

Scaffolds can be supported with telescopic poles in accordance with the needs of the projects.

“Cup-Lock Under Formwork Scaffolding Systems”

These piers; They are carrier systems used under beam and floor formwork . They can also be used as facade scaffolding. They consist of horizontal and vertical elements. Horizontal elements are 48×2.5 mm, vertical elements are 48×3 mm.

During the cup lock scaffolding installation , the height of the scaffold can be adjusted precisely with the help of the adjustment spindle placed on the base. Thus, it can be used comfortably in all kinds of rough terrain.

“Table Type Under Formwork Scaffolding Systems”

What is desk type scaffolding? Table type scaffolding system; Thanks to the stair tower application, it provides work safety and security in deep and high working areas. It consists of 3 main elements. These,

  • horizontal element
  • diagonal element and
  • It is a frame element.

Formwork scaffolding calculation For this, factors such as length, width, height, vertical element, horizontal and intermediate horizontal elements should be known. In table type scaffolds , the horizontal member is 34×2.5 mm, the diagonal member is 34×2.5 mm, and the frame member is 60×4 mm. There are 3 different main frame elements of 150/110 cm, 150/150 cm, 150/180 cm heights. It can be applied at any floor height with its lower and upper adjustment elements and offers ease of use.

“Scaffolding Systems with Sleeves”

hive scaffolding system; It is an extremely safe system that saves time and labor thanks to its fast assembly and disassembly feature. It consists of 3 main parts, the lower – upper frame element, the H element and the Diagonal (Cross) element.

It is built in 100-100 cm, 110-110 cm and 120-120 cm towers in a practical way by interlocking H elements. Each tower has a carrying capacity of 45 kN, and the strength and stabilization of the system is high.