Sleeve Scaffolding Systems

Kovanlı İskele Sistemleri Ankara

Sleeve scaffolding systems are preferred especially in heavy concrete and high-height structures. The sleeve scaffolding, which is a carrier system, is easily installed. No connection apparatus is required for its installation. System that can be installed without wedge, pin, cup and hammer; surprise and pass.

Since the sleeve system offers a horizontal connection every 50 cm due to its structure, there is no need to use an auxiliary ladder during the installation phase. Therefore, the system is very easy to disassemble, install and store. Sleeve scaffolding systems are frequently preferred due to the advantages they offer.

Where Are Sleeve Scaffolding Systems Used?

These systems can be easily used in different fields and jobs:

  • Bridge
  • Viaduct
  • Industry
  • Central

It is preferred as slab and beam formwork carrier system in high and heavy concrete projects . Since it is an extremely safe system in heavy and high floors, it is especially preferred and applied in projects.

Hive Scaffolding Features

Scaffolding with sleeve consists of the combination of two parts, the lower and upper chassis and the H sleeve:

The hive scaffolding is produced in two standard sizes of 100/100 cm and 120/120 cm. H-sleeve elements are placed on top of the lower chassis, resulting in a tower-shaped installation. This process can be done easily with human power. The spacing of the tower is adjusted according to the project and slab loads. Plywood is supported by H20 wood beams or 5-10/10 woods. The ridge (main carrier) is placed on H20 wooden beams, adjustment shaft and 4-way heads. Strengthening the towers is important. Therefore, the slab thickness of the towers, the adjustment of the height, and the strength against wind loads are supported by diagonal elements. The structure can be transported as a tower with the help of a crane and without disassembly, by connecting the upper and lower chassis elements. H Barrel Scaffolding Systems have a bearing capacity of 50kN/foot and are especially used in high and thick floors. The process of all these processes from the projecting phase to the implementation phase is done under the control of the engineer.

Usage Areas of H-Hole Scaffolding Systems

H Type Scaffolding can be easily used in the construction of different structures:

  • Residences and tall buildings
  • Business and shopping centers
  • Metro and underground stations
  • industrial buildings
  • energy facilities
  • Hospital and other healthcare facilities
  • Viaduct headers and bridge decks
  • HEPP projects

You can complete all your construction works in a short time with the sleeved scaffolding that Gürbüz İskele offers to its customers.