Staircase Tower Scaffold

Staircase Tower Scaffold

Staircase tower scaffold is one of the types of ring-lock scaffolding. It can be used in all facade works. In addition to exterior works, it is used in the restoration of artistic buildings, industrial buildings, shipyards, and elevator wells.

Staircase tower scaffold can be used for different purposes and attracts customer with its easy installation, efficiency and high level of safety. The system is also very easy to disassemble. Therefore, you can maintain your business safely as well as saving labor and time.

Staircase Tower Scaffold Gürbüz

The system consists of different equipment and has different features depending on their purpose and function. Three types of stair towers are as follows:

  • One-side tower with stairway that can be used comfortably as it has one direction.
    Staircase Tower Scaffold
    Staircase Tower Scaffold
  • Bidirectional tower with stairway that allows you to easily work with bidirectional use
  • Double-sided wide tower that allows you to work easily and comfortably with its width and strong carrier systems.

The system can be easily installed and can reach the desired heights.

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Sections of Staircase Tower Scaffold

The system consists of three sections. All sections of the system are prepared individually and installed with a crane. The base section has a base jack, frames, horizontal and vertical bracers.

The intermediate section is put on the base section. Stairs are added in accordance with the height of the building.

The end module is used to secure the floor after the staircase module. All elements of the system have TSE-EN 12810 standard. The following elements are used in order to be used for the purpose of the system and in accordance with the area of ​​use:

  • Base jack
  • First frame
  • Coupler
  • Vertical bracer 0.50 m (2 ring-locks)
  • Vertical bracer 1 m (1 ring-lock)
  • Vertical bracer 2 m (4 ring-locks)
  • Horizontal bracer 0.70 m
  • Horizontal bracer 2 m
  • Cross bracer
  • Metal platform
  • Staircase tower

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Order of the Staircase Tower Pier

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