Steel Scaffold Tubes

Steel Scaffold Tubes Manufacturing

Steel scaffold tubes are the basic building parts of scaffolding system. Scaffold is usually used for a short time in construction, dismantled and re-installed of building. For this reason, it is desirable that easy assembly of disassembly of scaffolding and solid material to be used again in the same or similar works. Tube or steel scaffolding is easily used today since meeting this needs. In these scaffoldings, perforated or rough steel plates and wooden planks which are welded on the steel frame may be  used as a walking platform.

Scaffolding installed with steel scaffold tubes  is used to perform the works such as plastering, painting, coating of the exterior surfaces of multi-storey buildings. It is preferred today because of easy installation and dismantle in a short time, being safe and having little loss of material.

Steel Scaffold Tubes Manufacturing

The scaffoldings consist of wooden planks and a steel frame that allows workers to move easily in high places and to put their tools. The materials used for scaffolding depend on the type of construction. Today, metal scaffolding is the norm. The metals used in scaffolding construction are typically steel or aluminum.

In general, the main components of the scaffold are tubes, braces and plates. Other general scaffold components can be mentioned as base plates, ladders, ropes, coupler, wall anchor, casters, and plank.

Steel scaffolding tube is considered a very important component in any project, because steel scaffolding has high strength. It also has a certain amount of flexibility that helps prevent cracks. Steel can support very heavy loads and workers can use it to transport heavy equipment and materials. For some high structures, steel is a necessity, as the weight of the scaffold requires structural strength that only steel can provide. For less demanding conditions, aluminum scaffolding may be a viable alternative.

Telescopic Pole Systems

Telescopic Pole Systems is a kind of slab formwork. Considering slab loads, intervals of telescopic poles can be adjusted with the help of interval of joists and stringers. Telescopic Pole is also named as Telescopic Scaffolding, Mobile Scaffolding, Adjustable Scaffold, Scaffolding Pole, Telescope Pole, Iron Pole, and Construction Pole. It is supported by telescopic pipes of 300-350-400 cm and three legs called tripods.

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