Suspended Scaffold

suspended scaffold

Suspended scaffold (swing stage), is a facade system with load lifting feature. Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork serves with Suspended Scaffolding at high standards as one of the leading companies in the construction sector.

The system conforms to EN 1808, one of European best-known standards, as well as CE conformity certification. Besides using in all exterior works, suspended scaffolding is also used in construction and restoration works. Suspended Scaffold is one of the construction elements that ensure all safety precautions are taken and the users operate effectively.

How to Install Suspended Scaffolding?

While it is preferred for exterior siding and maintenance works, this system is also one of the building maintenance units for temporary use. It consists of a platform, anchorage system and hoist units where the ropes are fixed to the roof. The mechanism works with electric motors. There are safety systems in the mechanism that runs perpendicular to the façade above the ropes. The fall arrest mechanism is an effective safety system. This mechanism prevents rope breakage and platform tipping.

Areas where Suspended Scaffold is used

Suspended Scaffold is a preferred system for different construction works. Typically used for:

  • Exterior Siding
  • Painting
  • Plaster works
  • Repair work

Features of Suspended Scaffold

There are many features making the suspended scaffolding practical. The first one is the easy relocation of the system.

  • It saves labor
  • It has divisible platforms. Platform size varies between 1 and 6 meters depending on the façade of the building.
  • The lifting speed of the suspended scaffold is 7 meters.
  • It extends the working distance as much as possible.
  • The system can be individualized according to building and the work plan.
  • Platforms have engine and block brake.
  • There is also a second rope system to ensure safety.
  • If the power fails, the worker can be lowered manually.

Suspended Scaffold in Ankara

You can easily have the suspended scaffold which is one of the systems produced by Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork. You can benefit from our campaigns by following our social media accounts or you can make an appointment by phone to get information from our authorities about suspended scaffoldings. Our company accompany you during the project design, installation and dismantling of suspended scaffolding which you can use in exterior works of factories, houses, apartments and other high-rise buildings. You can have the most preferred system in the world at affordable prices.