Table Type Under Formwork Scaffolding Systems


Table type under formwork scaffolding systems can be used in high and heavy concrete projects such as bridges, viaducts, industry, and power plants. These systems act as slab and beam formwork carriers. system, which consists of the main frame, cross members, jacks, and accessories connecting them.

How much is the table type under formwork scaffolding systems? The systems mentioned are temporary structures used to support molds or carry out concrete casting works. Table Scaffolding Prices It may vary depending on the size of the scaffolding, the quality of the material, and the size of the project to be used. You can contact us to meet your security scaffolding or construction scaffolding needs at the most affordable cost.

Table Type Under Formwork Scaffolding Systems Prices

Table formwork scaffolding systems consist of standard elements, and the installation is extremely fast and easy. Thanks to the stair tower application, it provides safe and secure working opportunities in deep and high work areas. Gürbüz Pier carries out its productions with extremely high quality, taking TSE standards into account. You can contact us for your new, used, or rental scaffolding and formwork system needs.


What are the dimensions of the table scaffolding? The dimensions of table-type formwork scaffolds can vary according to the project for which they will be used. However, to specify a standard size, it can be said that they are produced in 150 cm width. These products are usually manufactured with a height of 110, 150, 180, or 200 cm. Apart from table scaffolding, there are many scaffolding and formwork systems. You can find some of them in the list below.

  • H-type scaffolding
    Exterior scaffolding
    • Wedge-flanged scaffolding
    • Modular scaffolding
    • Scaffolding with hive
    Cup-lock scaffolding systems
    • Telescopic masts

What is Table Formwork System?

What is desk type scaffolding? Table-type scaffolding systems are easily transportable products with fast assembly and disassembly features. Thus, it saves a lot of time and labor. systems; It consists of three main elements: a diagonal element, a horizontal element, and a frame element. Frame elements 60×4 mm and diagonal and horizontal elements 34×2.5 mm are produced from TS EN 10219-1 certified standard pipes subjected to mechanical testing.

Production is carried out on gas metal arc welding robots in accordance with EN ISO 3834-3 quality standards. The systems can be transported with the help of cranes and special wheeled trolleys. It can also be galvanized upon request. So how to install H type scaffolding? We mentioned earlier that there are many different types of scaffolding. Expert engineers should be involved in the installation of H-type scaffolds.

Before installation, the floor structure should be checked, and the floor should be properly hardened. Horizontal carriers must be placed on the adjusting shafts. A skeleton should be created by placing vertical frames. A platform should be placed on top of the upper pipes, and the relevant pipes should be connected. This process should be repeated for each layer.