Usage Areas of Exterior Scaffolding Systems

Usage Areas of Exterior Scaffolding Systems

construction owners who are curious about the usage areas of exterior scaffolding systems, it is necessary to address the safety of both their workers and their construction. When security solutions are used to fully ensure worker safety, construction activities can be sustained without any problems.

The usage areas of exterior scaffolding systems also serve security needs. Safety type H, with wedge flange There are different types of scaffolds such as scaffolding and modular scaffolding. When we look at the usage areas of exterior scaffolding systems, there are many different areas. It can be stated that they can be preferred with peace of mind in facade works, ship industry or different industrial facilities.

What are the Usage Areas of Exterior Scaffolding Systems?

What is exterior scaffolding? Exterior scaffoldings, which are designed for use in many different areas, are generally used for works on the exterior of buildings at construction sites. Thanks to the exterior scaffolding systems, which are extremely durable and long-lasting, construction owners gain many advantages.

Safety equipment can safely continue to use the same products in different construction projects for many years. For more detailed information about the usage areas of exterior scaffolding systems, you can contact us or visit our company directly.

What are scaffolding equipment? scaffolding systems,

  • starting leg,
  • working platforms,
  • adjustable buttresses,
  • flange sewing,
  • It consists of parts such as wedged horizontal and diagonal connection elements.

Safe Scaffolding Installation

Usage Areas of Exterior Scaffolding Systems

What are Scaffolding Systems?

How many types of piers are there? Scaffolds are manufactured for different purposes. Types of exterior scaffolding can be listed as follows;

  • Wedge flanged scaffolding: This type of scaffolding, which can be used in all exterior projects, can be preferred in engineering structures, elevator shafts, industrial facilities or shipbuilding and repair works.
  • H type scaffolding: It is a platform used for plastering works or wall construction on both interior and exterior facades.
  • Modular or mobile scaffolding: Since it has a wheeled structure, mobile scaffolding installation and transfer operations are very easy. It can be easily used in works such as repair, restoration and project design.

When evaluated in terms of working conditions, the construction sector, which has many dangers, is in the first place in terms of occupational accidents and loss of life. Considering this situation, facade scaffolding standards and secure scaffolding standards should be taken into consideration with great care.

You can contact us for more information about exterior scaffolding prices and scaffolding formwork systems and to make requests such as rental and sales of secure scaffolding .