What is Ringlock Scaffolding

Outside Facade Scaffolding

What is ringlock scaffolding? What are its usage areas and advantages? Ringlock scaffolding is a carrier system used in exterior construction, shipyard and industrial production plant. It is used under slab and beam formwork.

The answer to the question “What is ringlock scaffolding and what advantages it provides in construction works?” may vary depending on the area of ​​use of the scaffold. Ringlock scaffolding can be used in subways, dams, power plants, viaduct constructions and shipyards, as well as buildings such as residential, business and shopping centers. It is preferred in high and thick floors. It is a very advantageous system with its structure and capacity.

What is Ringlock Scaffolding?

Ringlock scaffolding is an easy shoring system that can be used in all slab works. It is also familiar with the name of cup lock scaffolding. It is a preferred model because of being installed easily, budget friendly and safe. Hammer and manpower are sufficient for installation of ringlock scaffolding. Its all parts are produced as a whole. The mechanism is made by joining horizontal braces. It can be used mobile with the wheels to be installed under it. It provides an advantage with its high durability and carrying capacity.

Installation of Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding consists of parts such as rosette, wedge pin and base collar. It is linked using vertical and horizontal braces. Followings are the ringlock scaffolding set up stages:

  • Base plates are placed on the surface. Then vertical braces are mounted.
  • The locking mechanism is locked by placing horizontal braces between the vertical elements.
  • Other horizontal braces are mounted on the locked frame.
  • The upper structure of the system is formed by mounting vertical braces using upper adjustment shafts.

Ringlock scaffolding is a simple and fast installation system. It is sufficient to use only a hammer in its installation.

What are the Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding?

Ringlock scaffolding provides many advantages thanks to its structure and locking mechanisms. Some of these benefits are given below:

  • Assembly and disassembly are easy and fast.
  • It is easy to store and transport.
  • It can be used as a exterior scaffold using the same elements.
  • It offers the opportunity to be used as
  • It has high load carrying capacity with its node points.
  • Its compressive strength is high.
  • It contributes to job security as it is a safe system.
  • It offers a comfortable use in all areas.

As Gürbüz Scaffolding, we produce scaffolding systems in accordance with international standards. Our scaffolding systems are produced by subjecting to TS EN 10219-1 certification and mechanical tests. All of our products are welded using gas metal arc welding in accordance with EN ISO 3834-3 standards. You can contact us for ringlock scaffolding prices.