Wood Beam Column Formwork is an extremely wide and safe system. It is possible to design the system with a crane and hand-held. It is the most used system in this are of advanced technology.

You can choose our wooden beamed wall and column formworks which are among our formwork systems in different areas safely. These products can be designed to be transported by crane or hand, and you can ensure the desired construction and worker safety without any problems.

The system is used in many different areas such as retaining walls, high buildings, industrial buildings, dwellings, bridges and viaducts.

Wooden beam wall formwork is used by creating large-sized panels of different sizes.

Wooden beam column formwork consists of two L boards. L panels are combined using an outer corner joint and anchor shaft.


The system consists of 3 main elements: wooden beam, plywood and steel belt.

Panels created under project conditions can be used without dismantling until the end of the work. This feature saves a lot of time and material damage.

In production, the circulation speed is high.

The production is carried out in the welding robots of EN ISO 3834-3 quality standards.

The solution to your formwork project is done by GÜRBÜZ İSKELE.


Adjustable circular wall formwork is a system that provides economical, fast and practical solutions in projects with circular walls of varying diameters.