Adjustable Shoring Systems

Adjustable Shoring Systems

Adjustable Shoring Systems are a system that allows you to adjust the intervals of the primary and secondary beams as well as the intervals of props depending on the slab load. It can be used as slab formwork. And it is also named as Telescopic Scaffolding, Mobile Scaffolding, Adjustable Scaffold, Telescopic Scaffolding Pole, and Construction Pole.

Adjustable shoring systems are supported with telescopic props (300-350-400 cm) and three legs (with tripods). The system is produced in two different types which are AS-EKO light series and the one in accordance with TR-EN 1065 quality standard. It is generally used in projects such as residences, villas, business and shopping centers, and hospital health facilities.

Practical Adjustable Shoring Systems

Shoring system can be assemble and disassemble easily. Its most important advantage is adjustibility of the system, which is very practical for those who want to work at different heights. There are no restrictions on placement. It can be used in harmony with the other systems. The system consists of the following parts:

  • Props which are the primary element
  • Tripod
  • U Head
  • Double Head

The last three parts are secondary elements. This system is a highly flexible solution for different types of slabs and geometries. It is installed with less number of props than old formwork systems.

Concrete formwork scaffolding

The Advantages of Adjustable Shoring Systems

All the parts of the system can be used repeatedly. They are 20 times more durable than the parts of old systems, so they are not easily worn. Adjustable Shoring systems have various  advantages:

  • In order to form all kinds of slab formwork, It can be used with four way or U head, and tripod and H20 timber beam.
  • It is preferred because the adjustment range is flexible.
  • The mold material can be diluted or tightened according to the difference of the slab load.
  • The system can be produced at different heights.
  • It is economical and reliable.

In addition to these services we provide, it has been used especially in residences, high-rise buildings, business and shopping centers in recent years. Industrial buildings, energy facilities, hospital healthcare facilities, renovation etc. Many of our customers have benefited and satisfied with the exterior scaffolding systems and their advantages in the projects. You can also contact our customer service and benefit from our services at the most affordable prices and at the highest standards.

Uses of Adjustable Shoring

If a system is easily molded by a hollow slab or a thin multi-beam slab, it can adapt to different types of slab. Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems designs adjustable shoring systems and also assembles and disassembles them. In addition, the system offered to the customer for rent allows you to complete your work on time. With the adjustable shoring system offered by our company, you can complete your work in a shorter time and at the time you promised.

The system is offered with projecting and rental services. Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems is one of the most preferred companies in our country. The main principle of Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems is quality, time, economy, trust and customer satisfaction. Our company always fulfills its commitments successfully. Contact us without waiting too long. You can also follow our social media accounts to be informed about discounts and campaign prices.