Ankara Scaffolding And Formwork Systems

Ankara Scaffolding And Formwork Systems

Ankara scaffolding and formwork systems are structures that are frequently needed in the building and construction sector and used for the safe execution of works. These systems can be easily installed, transported, and taken to a different work site.

What are Ankara scaffolding and formwork systems? Scaffolds used in construction contribute to the ability of employees to work in a safe area. Formwork systems are structures that support both equipment and workers. The permanent structure functions until it becomes self-supporting. All of these systems are designed with specific standards in mind.

Ankara Scaffolding and Formwork Systems Solutions

Easily installed, safe, and economical systems can be attractive for companies operating in the construction sector. Our company considers certain national and international quality standards in the production of scaffolding and formwork systems. Our products attract attention on a global scale and are sent all over the country. So how many types of scaffolding are there?


Scaffolding types are diversified by taking into account the categories in which they are produced. For example, an exterior scaffolding can be examined in three categories. These; Wedge flanged scaffolding can be counted as modular scaffolding and H type scaffolding. What is H type scaffolding? This scaffolding type, which stands out with its easy installation feature, has a pin structure. It has a connection system consisting of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal elements. Metal planks, adjustable feet and straight ladders can be used as auxiliary elements in these scaffolds.

Who prepares the formwork and scaffolding project? Related projects are mostly prepared by engineers working in construction companies. Located in a special position among scaffolding companies, Gürbüz İskele offers consultancy and project design services with its long years of experience.

Product Range Conforming to TSE Standards

Security systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of TS EN 10219-1. As Gürbüz Scaffolding Formwork Systems, our priority is to prevent accidents and personal injuries that damage property or equipment.

  • Material extraction platform
    • Occupational safety materials
    • Construction safety net

Thanks to this, a safe environment is created in every respect. Thus, you can maximize your work efficiency. A formwork scaffold or system can be preferred for works such as facades, painting, sheathing, or insulation. It is also among the most preferred systems in wall and silo construction, facade cladding, and cladding works.

How much do second-hand jewelry prices cost in Ankara? Ankara-based Gürbüz Eskel attaches great importance to product diversity. Our products can be bought or rented new or used. For example, you can easily carry out your transactions, such as purchasing cup lock scaffolding or renting spider scaffolding, with our company. Our formwork systems can be listed as follows:

  • Climbing Formwork
    • One-Sided Mold
    • Steel Curtain Column Formworks
    • Wooden Beam Circular Formwork
    • Curtain Column Formwork