The Construction Safety Net is a very important safety system in terms of work safety, which is designed against worker and material fall. Standard sizes are produced as 4x6m, 4x5m and 4x4m. Production is available in non-standard sizes that may arise in projects solved by Gürbüz Scaffolding.

The system was tested with 100kg drop from 7m height according to TS EN 1263-1 standards. The protection net used in the system is 6mm thick, in 100mm x 100mm pore space in accordance with TS EN 1263-1.

The materials used in the safety net console are TS EN 10219-1 certified, subjected to mechanical tests.


  • The system is analyzed by Gürbüz Scaffolding according to the project.
  • The system is transferred to the upper floors without being disassembled with the help of a crane.
  • The pore gap of the safety net is 10mm x 10mm and preferably, a safety net cover with a pore size of 2mm x 2mm can be added to the existing mesh for parts that may fall from the pore gap.
  • It is made by gas welding in accordance with EN ISO 3834-3 welding quality standards.
  • The system is preferably produced with galvanized coating or industrial paint.
  • The solution suitable for your formwork project is made by GÜRBÜZ İSKELE.