Cup Lock Scaffolding Systems


Cup Lock scaffolding systems are among the security systems developed to ensure the safety of workers in construction sites. In recent years, cup lock scaffolding systems , which are one of the most preferred methods with their economical pricing, are widely used.

Cup Lock scaffolding systems are frequently requested throughout the country, especially in metropolitan areas such as Ankara and Istanbul. What is cup lock scaffolding? It is known as a kind of carrier system used under beams and floors. Thanks to these durable systems, which can also be used as facade scaffolding, it is possible to effectively ensure the safety of workers in construction works.

Cup Lock Under Formwork Scaffolding Systems

Cup lock type scaffoldings can be used in all flooring systems. Easy to install and store, high carrying capacity. They can be used easily in different projects. It is highly demanded by many companies or businesses. How to make cup lock pier account ?

Although the dimensions can be customized according to the projects, vertical elements have bowls with 50 or 100 cm intervals. Thus, the options for horizontal connection zones multiply. Today , you can have cup lock systems prepared with the most modern and advanced technologies with Gürbüz scaffolding, which serves on cup lock scaffolds and is highly experienced in this field .

Pier to get more detailed information about cup lock scaffolds, which can also be galvanized upon request . You can also call us for your rental scaffolding and all your other construction needs.

Cup Lock scaffolding systems

Cup Lock Scaffolding Systems Prices

cup lock , there are many scaffolding and formwork systems . Some of them can be listed as follows;

  • exterior scaffolding
  • ladder scaffolding
  • hive pier
  • Climbing formwork system
  • column patterns
  • Table type scaffolding
  • H type scaffolding

What is H type scaffolding? Consisting of horizontal, vertical or diagonal parts; It is a platform used in works such as plastering and wall construction on interior and exterior facades. Cup lock piers are known as cup piers. They consist of horizontal and vertical (vertical) elements. Cup lock scaffolding carrying capacity is approximately 6 tons. Cup lock Scaffolding installation stages can be summarized as follows:

  • Lower adjustment spindles are placed on the surface and vertical elements are mounted.
  • The locking mechanism is activated by means of horizontal pipes placed between the vertical elements.
  • Vertical elements are mounted with the upper adjustment shafts and the superstructure of the system is formed.