Equipment for Working At Height

Equipment for Working At Height

Equipment for working at height are equipments trying to minimize accidents that may occur in areas where employees have falling risk. Working at height is a natural requirement of most businesses. In order to minimize the accidents that may occur in these business areas, some legal regulations and specified equipment are used.

There are factors that pose a risk to human life in places that require working at height. In researches, 37.4% of work accidents originate from “falling from height”. In order to decrease this rate, Occupational Safety Legislation must be followed. Occupational Safety Legislation consists of regulations that analyze the risk factors and standardize the work areas. According to this regulation, it is compulsory to use the equipment for working at height in case of working at height .

What Are The Equipment for Working At Height?

Equipment for working at height are personal or collective protective systems that are commonly used for falling protection, preventing employees from falling or stopping a fall. These systems aim to provide the highest level of security without limiting the mobility of the employee.

Safety Netting

Safety netting is a net designed to catch the fallen people before they reach the ground. It is installed below the working level and catches the falling worker or material. It decreases falling distance and minimizes injuries and deaths. It has a flexible structure and absorbs falling energy.

Safe Exterior Scaffolding

Safe exterior scaffolding is one of the main equipment used in areas that require working at height. Exterior scaffoldings are subject to different safety standards during installation and use. Scaffolds to be used must be manufactured in accordance with TS EN 12810-1 standards and must have TSE certificate. Three different types of scaffolding are given as follows:

It is necessary to comply with the installation and dismantling guides of the scaffoldings and to train the personnel working on them.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In addition to the fixed equipment for working at height mentioned sabove, there are personal protective equipment that must be used by workers. These equipment are used integrated with other systems.

Safety Belt

Full body safety harness, also known as parachute type safety harness, is a harness designed to stop falling. It is used to hold the wearer by wrapping the body completely and to prevent it from crashing to floor. Parachute type safety harness should be produced with body harness, anchor, and connecting point in accordance with TS En 361 standards. It should be suitable for the wearer’s body and should be used considering the body’s center of gravity.


Lanyard is shock absorbing rope used for fall arrest purposes. It connects the worker to the safety rope or deceleration device. In the event of a fall, it minimizes the possibility of injury by damping the load on the body. This type is called a shock absorber lanyard.

Life Line

Lifeline is similar to seat belts in vehicles. Due to the spiral system, it can be lengthened and shortened while working. It does not affect mobility while protecting the person from falling. It can be used in both vertical and horizontal lines.

When selecting equipment for working at height, it is very important that it is produced in accordance with TS standards. As Gürbüz Scaffold, we value the health and life of our employees and manufacture our safe exterior scaffolding, construction nets and safety equipment in accordance with the international standards. You can contact us for your safe construction material needs.