Exterior Scaffolding and Work Safety

Dış Cephe İskele Sistemleri ve İş Güvenliği

Exterior scaffolding and work safety are two of the most important issues for construction companies. If you want to minimize the possible accidents in the work zone, you should prefer scaffolding systems with safety,and then install and use according to the legislation.

According to the studies conducted, “falls” has the biggest share in work accidents with a rate of 37.4%. When the sub-groups are analized, “falling from the edge of the scaffolding and slab” takes the first place with the rate of 35.7%. So, it is necessary to analyze the relationship between exterior scaffolding and work safety in order to prevent occupational accidents and minimize risk factors.

Relationship  Between Exterior Scaffolding and Work Safety

Exterior scaffolding is the most widely used working equipment. With the use of exterior scaffolding, you can do so many different works  such as wall construction, interior and exterior plaster construction, exterior painting and insulation, exterior cladding, ship building and repair, high wall construction and repair such as dams, tunnels, iron works and many other works. The most preferred type of scaffolding used in our country is the facade scaffolds that extend along the surface of the building or structure where the work will be carried out.

It can be said that working on the scaffolding is one of the biggest risk factors in the construction sector in terms of occupational health and safety, as a result of working at height, carrying heavy loads and lack of safety.

Occupational Safety Deficiencies in Exterior Scaffolding

As a result of both numerical rates and inspections, it is seen that adequate security measures are not taken in the exterior scaffolding systems in our country. These deficiencies can be listed as follows:

  • Insecure installation of work platforms using several planks
  • Rusty, bent or cracked scaffolding components
  • Employees who have not received sufficient training
  • Site investigation for scaffolding that is not made well
  • The parts that cannot be used such as guard rail and frame

Exterior Scaffolding With Safety and Its Effects on Occupational Safety

Scaffolding installation plan, scaffolding set up and disassembly, equipment used and training of personnel are of great importance for the safe exterior scaffolding work to continue safely. In addition, while choosing scaffolding, it should be considered that professional planning is made and the scaffolding complies with TS-EN standards. Otherwise, accidents may result in death.

Exterior scaffolding with safety minimize risk factors in the construction site. The safety ratio on the job site can increase with the parts used, design and material quality. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Scaffolding props are produced in accordance with TS-EN standards and then welded in ISO standards.
  • With the use of toe board, the possibility of material falling down from the scaffold is reduced.
  • If material falls down, safety net prevents the material from falling on
  • Staff is secured with guardrails.
  • Safe scaffolding installation is provided with systems such as ring-lock scaffolding.

If you want to advance your construction works with a minimum risk factor, you should prefer an exterior scaffolding with safety. You can contact us to learn about the scaffolding system that suits your needs and to get information about its installation, transportation and planning.