Facade Scaffoldings

Facade Scaffoldings Near Me

Facade Scaffoldings are used in many different areas. The system which is used in the works on exteriors of construction sites, constructions and buildings make your works to be completed safely and quickly.

Equipments offered by Gürbüz Scaffolding are quite compatible in terms of features and designs of the systems, so they can be used in a wide variety of construction sites. Before buying a scaffold, you should first determine which type of scaffold you need. Facade scaffoldings produced with the latest technology are manufactured and assembled in accordance with TS EN 10219-1 and TS EN 10219-2 norms.

Facade Scaffolding Types In Terms Of Usage Area

Facade scaffolding systems specially produced for different works and usage areas are:

  • H frame scaffolding is used in different facade works, shipbuilding industry and other industrial facilities.
  • Ring-lock scaffolding is used in all facade projects, restoration works of artistic and historical structures, industrial facilities, elevator wells, shipbuildings and repair works.
  • Modular scaffolding is a wheeled system used in all assembly, fittings and restoration projects inside and outside the buildings.

Properties of Facade Scaffoldings

The system, whose length can be adjusted in accordance with the preferred platform, is capable of carrying thousands of kilos. Therefore, it can be used safely in shipbuilding where heavy materials are used, in heavy industries, elevator wells and industrial facilities. In addition, it is preferred in business and shopping centers recently. Facade scaffoldings have some qualities and some are listed as follows:

  • You can go up to hundreds of meters through the scaffoldin
  • Scaffolding does not collapse due to its stabilizer structure.
  • Staff can works safely.
  • It is made from good quality material
  • Installation and fixing is carried out by Gürbüz Scaffolding.

UK Facade Scaffoldings

You can contact Gürbüz Scaffolding to have an ergonomic, easy-to-install, high-standard, and service-guaranteed product. If you want to reduce cost of your work, you can benefit from the service offered by Gürbüz Scaffolding.

Facade Scaffolds Prices

Scaffolding helps to reduce costs with its fast installation and practical use. You can have more economical working areas with advantageous prices offered by Gürbüz Scaffolding. Apart from safety, another important issue in facade scaffolding is the additional services provided to the customer. It is possible to start your work in the fastest way by benefiting from our supervision and project services. Call us for information about quotes and project times.

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