Flanged Scaffolding For Rent

Flanged Scaffolding For Rent

With flanged scaffolding for rent, you can have a scaffolding in the various operations that last for a few weeks. So, you do not have to purchase a scaffold that is used in long term works.

Flanged scaffolding for rent is commonly preferred in the restoration of historical buildings, in the construction industry and in shipbuilding. The ability to redesign the scaffolds according to the needs offers great advantages to the users.

How to Install Flanged Scaffolding?

Flanged scaffolding is specially installed for different applications. All scaffolding systems produced by Gürbüz Scaffolding are produced in accordance with various safety standards. Thus, you can establish a safe work environment for your employees.

If you wish, the installation of flanged scaffolding for rent is carried out by Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems.

  • In the installation process of the scaffolds, the design of the scaffold is planned depending on the application area and need.
  • After that, the ground floor of the scaffold is fixed to the ground, so installation begins.
  • During installation, the flanged parts of the scaffold are fixed using a hammer and the scaffold is made

During the scaffolding installation, a gap of 1 meter should be left between each vertical braces. While horizontal braces allow easy movement on the scaffolds, diagonal elements are used to balance the load distribution of the scaffold.

In the flanged scaffolding established by our company, each jack of the scaffold can carry up to 40 kN load regardless of how wide or narrow the scaffold size is. Thus, it becomes a safe scaffolding that you can use in all your construction and maintenance operations.

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What are the Advantages of Flanged Scaffolding?

Flanged scaffolding can be set up at the desired height unlike other types of scaffold. As the  components can be used at different width and length in the design of flanged scaffolding, the scaffolding can be designed in all desired shapes.

Another advantage of flanged scaffolding compared to others is that they are suitable for placing ladders and rails. If other scaffolding systems have ladders and similar equipment, the scaffolding is unbalanced. However, the load distribution is equalized on the jack of flanged scaffolding. Thus, flanged scaffolding can also be used as stair tower with appropriate designs.

Flanged scaffolding can carry much more load compared to other scaffoldings. The diagonal components used in the scaffolding lighten the load on the jacks of the scaffold, allowing more load to be carried.