Frame Facade Scaffolding

Frame Facade Scaffolding

Frame facade scaffolding is a secure scaffolding system applied to the facades of the building. Safe scaffolding is one of the most important factors in ensuring job security.

Frame facade scaffolding has the same function as other secure scaffolding systems. This type of safe facade scaffold is basically used to obtain work and prevent possible work accidents safety like all other safe scaffolding systems.

What is Frame Facade Scaffolding?

Frame facade scaffolding system is an extremely important construction material used to ensure safety in the construction site. In addition to providing the safety of life and property, the secure scaffolding platforms also assist to transport the materials safely to the upper floors in the construction site. Especially the ease of carrying heavy materials that are more difficult to transport to the upper floors is not negligible.

Using Facade Scaffolding

Frame facade scaffolds, or more known as H frame scaffolds, are frequently used in exterior applications of buildings. If the frame shaped scaffolding is not used, it will result in life-threatening construction. It is produced with the latest technology for maximum work safety. And safety measures have been maximized in order to prevent possible occupational accidents in frame scaffolding.

According to these precautions, there are some safety criteria given below that the frame facade scaffold should have:

  • Two horizontal rails at knee and waist height should exist at the each floor of scaffolding.
  • There should be 2 fixed security platforms on each floor to stand side by side. These platforms must be locked before starting operation. Thus, it will be impossible to dismantle them when workers are on the platform.
  • The safe facade system should be installed first on the jack bases whose height can be adjusted.
  • There should be guard rails on the side frames in terms of work safety.
  • In order to prevent material falling from the scaffold, toe boards (15 cm) should be used in each module.
  • The secure scaffold system is properly fixed to the facade of the construction by means of special fasteners.
  • The full security scaffold must be TSE certified and produced from props and profiles that have successfully passed the mechanical suitability tests.
  • The joints should be made with gass welding by certified welders.