Frame Type Facade Scaffolding

İnşaat İskelesi Kiralama

Frame Type Facade Scaffolding is designed and manufactured in accordance with TS EN 12810-1, TS EN 12810-2, TS EN 12811-1 and TS EN 12811-2 standards. Scaffolding System has TSE certificate. This product, produced by Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems, is a frame-type safe exterior scaffolding system used in facade applications. In this system, which has been highly developed in terms of occupational safety, measures to prevent possible occupational accidents are maximized. 

The main purpose of the frame type facade scaffolding is to prevent injuries to people with the principle of full safety and full protection, to ensure the protection of the material used and to protect the benefit of both the employee and the company.

Frame Type Facade Scaffolding is simple to install, fast and safe in all respects. A safe working environment is provided by placing sheet metal planks on each floor. Safe passage safety is ensured between floors with covered stairs. A wall connection rod is used to fix the system. It is among our systems that can be used in all kinds of facade works, arrangement and restoration processes applied to art and historical buildings, industrial facilities, shipbuilding industry, elevator shafts and exterior assembly and installation processes.

Security Frame Type Facade Scaffolding 

System features;

There are two horizontal elements in each module of the system, at knee and waist level. In the system, steel platforms with covers and ladders are used to ensure safety and ease of passage between the working floors. There are 2 fixed steel platforms side by side on each working floor. These platforms are locked and cannot be removed from the system during operation. It is built on the starting legs with the base supports that can be adjusted in height on the scaffold.

In terms of safety, side railing elements are used on the side frames, and steel heels with a height of 15 cm are used on each part to prevent the material from falling from the work platforms. The system is fixed to the facade with special screws and fasteners. You can start to benefit from all of the services we offer at the most affordable prices and at the highest standards, with a single phone call.

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